Energy Forms - Paint Valley High School

Nuclear Energy
Energy locked within the nucleus
of an atom.
It is the force that binds the
nucleus of an atom together.
The energy can be released when
atoms are combined (fusion) or
split apart (fission).
Radiant Energy
Also called light energy.
But light is not the only kind of
radiant energy.
–Radio waves
–UV waves
–Microwaves, etc.
Chemical Energy
Stored in bonds between
atoms of food, wood, coal,
and other fuels.
Plants convert light energy
into chemical energy
through photosynthesis.
Stored Mechanical Energy
Energy stored in objects by
the application of a force.
Compressed springs and
stretched rubber bands are
Electrical Energy
Energy of moving
Produced when electrons
are forced to move from
atom to atom
Thermal Energy
AKA heat energy
Produced by moving or
vibrating molecules.
Faster molecules = hotter
object = more thermal
Motion Energy
You may see this as
mechanical energy
It’s the movement of an
object or substance from
one place to another.
Law of Conservation of
States that energy is neither
created nor destroyed.
When we use energy, it
doesn’t disappear…
We change it from one form
into another.

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