Georgia Breeze
Flex Benefits – Life Insurance
Life Insurance Plans – MetLife
 MetLife will replace Minnesota Life
 MetLife will offer two additional enhancements to the plan:
Up to 10X Employee Life Coverage
Maximum coverage for employees will increase to $2 Million
Premium rate will decrease for employee and spouse life
Employee can increase coverage one level without Evidence of
Increases in coverage for Spouse Life will require Evidence of
Wavier of premium to the Employee Life product will be reinstated
for permanent or total disability which initiate after January 1, 2014
Important Note re: Walmart/Sam’s Club Vision
 Most Walmart/Sam’s Club are out-of-network providers; completion and sub-
mission of the claim form below is required to receive the in-network benefit
Accidental Death &
Dismemberment Plan
AD&D - MetLife
MetLife will replace Minnesota Life
MetLife will offer additional enhancements to the plan:
 Up to 10X AD&D coverage
 Maximum coverage for employees will increase to $2 Million
 Amount payable for loss of an arm or leg will increase to 75%
of coverage
Vision – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
BCBS will replace Spectera as our Vision provider
BCBS will offer additional enhancements to the plan:
 Increased out of network benefit towards frames
 Coverage for lenses/frames will be based on the calendar year,
not every 12 months
 Decrease in premium rates
 ID Cards will be issued
Select Plus
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Child(ren)
Short & Long Term Disability
Short Term Disability – The Standard
 The maximum weekly amount an employee can receive will
increase from $800.00 to $1,000.00
Long Term Disability – The Standard
 Rates will slightly increase
 LTD will go from a pre-tax to an after-tax structure
 Benefits received by employees who go out on LTD will no longer
be considered taxable income
Specified Illness Plan
Specified Illness Plan – CAIC
 The automatic child benefit under Specified Illness has
increased to 50% of the employee’s selected coverage
Employees who elect the Select Plus Plan (with Accident
Rider) will receive $160 for any qualified Health Wellness
Newly added illnesses covered under the child benefit:
Cystic Fibrosis
Cerebral Palsy
Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate
Spina Bifida
Spending Account
Spending Account – ADP
No Significant changes to the plan
Employees must make an election to continue contributions to the
plans for 2014 – Health Care and Dependent Care Spending
Employees will be required to make a new election amount in order
to keep their Health Care and/or Dependent Care Spending
The last deduction for Spending Account will be November 30,
2013 unless a new election for 2014 is made
Long Term Care
Long Term Care – Unum
Rate increase for current and newly enrolled employees (15%)
The increase will be based on the age coverage was locked in
Unum will issue a package to currently enrolled employees to
explain the rate change
For additional information, please contact Unum at 1-800-227-4165
Contact Information
State Health Benefit Plan (Health Benefit Coordinator)
Georgia Breeze (All FLEX Benefits)
 or 1-877-342-7339
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (State Health Insurance Vendor)
 or 1-855-641-4862
Healthways (Wellness Vendor)
 or 1-888-616-6411
Express Scripts (Pharmacy Benefit Manager)
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