Year 4 Curriculum Meeting

Year 4 Parents Information
Mrs Learmont and Mrs Paldi 4LP
Mrs Fitzpatrick 4F
Miss Hine and Miss Windle 4W
Mrs Wadsworth English, Maths and
General Information
 Winter Uniform: School jumper, white shirt/blouse, grey
skirt or trousers, green tie, black supportive school shoes,
black or grey tights or socks.
 P.E kit: School white polo shirt (with House colour), plain
black cotton shorts, plain black tracksuit bottoms (with
elasticated waist and ankles), School hooded sweatshirt
or plain black jumper and trainers/plimsolls.
 Small studs may be worn and a wrist watch. Both will
need to be removed for Games and PE (please note
that your child will not be able to go swimming with
earrings in). Hair must be tied back.
 Please ensure that the office has up-to-date emergency
contact information and medical information and
please ensure that any medications are in date.
The New National Curriculum
• In place from September 2014.
• Schools have been preparing for the new curriculum for the past
couple of years.
• Courthouse has devised new schemes of work to cover and link all
objectives in the new curriculum, these can be found on the website.
• The National Curriculum defines the programmes of study for key
subjects in maintained/ state primary and secondary schools in
England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own
equivalents). Fundamentally, it sets out what your child is supposed to
learn and when.
• The main aim is to raise standards.
• Although the new curriculum is intended to be more challenging, the
content is actually slimmer than the current curriculum, focusing on
essential core subject knowledge and skills such as essay writing and
computer programming.
Homework Diaries
• Every child has been given a homework diary to form an easy
communication path between home and school.
• Homework will be recorded, along with other information
(spelling scores, table test results etc.).
• A timetable should be found on the inside cover.
• Please sign your child’s homework diaries when they have
completed their homework and it is ready to hand in.
• Please try to cover your child’s diary to ensure they last the
whole year (wrapping paper or sticky-back plastic).
• Reading should happen daily, out loud to an adult
(we will endeavour to hear the children read as
much as possible in school too).
• English and Maths homework will be handed out on
Thursdays and needs to be completed and handed
in by the following Tuesday.
• The children will be required to learn a set of
spellings and times tables every week ready for their
spelling and tables test on a Friday.
• English lessons happen daily, in the morning, with extended
lessons on a Monday, Thursday and Friday to allow the
children to participate in Guided reading sessions.
• This term we will study:
 Poetry – Creating images (similes & metaphors)
 Recount – Newspaper articles
 Stories with a historical setting – Pompeii
• For all of these units, we will look at the relevant features, form
and style associated with the different writing styles.
• Spellings will be taken from and follow the new English
National Curriculum and the Alpha to Omega scheme.
• We will be sending home a list of words that the children are
expected to be able to read and spell by the end of year 4.
• Maths lessons happen daily, in the morning sessions.
• During this term, we will cover:
Counting, partitioning and calculating
Securing number facts, understanding shape
Handling data and measures
Calculating, measuring and understanding shape
Securing number facts, relationships and calculating
• We will use the ‘Courthouse Calculation Policy’ to teach age
and ability appropriate methods for calculating. This can be
found on the website.
• There will be a maths evening workshop in October that will
include demonstrations on the methods for calculations used
at Courthouse.
This term we will cover three units:
Biology (animals, including humans):
• Skeletons - the children will learn that humans and
some other animals have skeletons and muscles for
support, protection and movement.
• Digestive system – the children will learn about the
functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in
humans. They will also construct food chains and
identify producers, predators and prey.
• Electricity – the children will learn about electrical
safety and will investigate circuits, conductors and
Nature Journals
The children will also be observing the changing
seasons using our new Nature Journals. Each
class has adopted a different tree in the school
grounds, which the children will observe and study
on a regular basis.
Thank you to Mrs Cooke who has helped Mrs
Wadsworth to develop this scheme of work.
Revolutionary Romans
• The children will learn about the founding of Rome
and how the Roman Empire expanded due to
many successful invasions of surrounding countries.
• The children will research life in Roman times and
how Britain changed as a result of the Roman
Invasion of Britain.
• Significant people in history will also be studied
including Julius Caesar, Claudius and Boudicca.
• Enquiry skills of making observations and finding
answers to questions about the past will be
developed and built upon.
The Arts
• Our art work will be linked to the Romans, the
children will investigate Roman art styles such as
mosaics and statues.
• In music we will be learning to sing Roman songs
and creating musical accompaniments to these
• We will turn into Roman soldiers during our dance
lessons as we learn to move to music, creating
different shapes and sequences based on
• French will be taught on a weekly basis
and aims to provide an appropriate
balance of spoken and written
• The children will be taught basic
vocabulary and phrases and then will
focus on using this to communicate
orally and in written form.
• The children will also learn some
French songs so listen out for these!
These lessons will happen on alternative weeks.
• In PSHE, we will look at ‘New Beginnings’, which
explores the children’s understanding of feeling
valued as a person, in the class, school and wider
community. We will then move onto ‘Getting on &
Falling Out’, where we will look at how to deal with
incidents, how to read emotions and understand
that people interpret things differently.
• In RE, we will be studying ‘Festivals of Light’, where
we will look at Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas. The
children will learn about the origins of these festivals,
why they are celebrated and how it is customary to
P.E & Games
Please ensure that your child has the correct kit for
each lesson. P.E (indoor) is on Monday and Games
(outdoor-trainers needed) is on Thursday.
• In PE we will be developing and improving our skills in
dance (linked to our Romans topic) and gymnastics
where we will be learning various different balances.
• In Games the children will be taught by professional
sports coaches, supported by the class teachers and
LSAs. The children will be learning to play Tag Rugby
and Netball.
Important Dates
Parents Consultation Meetings:
30/9/14 5.30pm-8pm
2/10/14 3.30pm-6pm
Maths Workshop:
20/10/14 3.30pm-4.30pm
October Holiday:
Visit to Maidenhead Synagogue:
Visit to St Peters Church:
Late November/December
Class Christmas Parties:
End of term:
Class Assemblies:
4F 22/10/14
4LP 5/11/14
4W 10/12/14
Our Plea…
Are you able to come and help in Year 4?
We would love people who are willing to…
• Hear children read
• Assist during art lessons
• Assist during games lessons
• Photocopy and collate work
• Back work for display
• Talk to the children about relevant subjects we
are learning about
Whether it be for an hour or more, every little helps!!
Please feel free to come and ask us any questions you may

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