BAAF Presentation on Changes to the UGA Travel Policy

Effective November 1, 2012
 April 2012-New statewide travel regulations issued
by the State Accounting Office
 UGA worked with the Board of Regents to secure
an implementation date of November 1, 2012
Changes to expense reporting
 Employees should submit expense reports within
45 calendar days of completion of travel. The prior
policy stated that travelers should submit for
reimbursement within 60 days of the completion
of travel.
Changes in relation to airfare
 Employees will be reimbursed for a maximum of 1
piece of checked luggage. In the event additional bags
are required for business purposes, requests for
reimbursement must include a written explanation.
 Travelers are allowed to upgrade from coach to
business class -not first class- for international flights
when the portion of the flight that is nonstop exceeds
10 hours in duration. Written pre-trip approval for the
additional expense is required. The ten hour duration
does not include any time spent in between flights
during a connection.
Instate meal per diems
 Instate meal per diems remain at $28/day (non-high cost
areas) and $36/day (high cost areas). For non-overnight
trips, travelers will receive 75% of the allowable per diem if
the travel is more than 50 miles from home or
headquarters and the traveler is on travel status for more
than 12 hours. For regular travel within Georgia, this would
become a $21 per diem amount. For high cost areas, this
would be a $27 per diem.
 For overnight trips within Georgia, travelers will receive
75% of the allowable per diem on the day of departure and
day of return.
 UGA employee leaves Athens at 8:15 and travels to
Dahlonega, GA for work. The employee returns to the
Athens campus at 4:30 the same day. Employee is not
eligible to be paid a per diem since he/she was not
traveling 12 or more hours.
 UGA employee leaves Athens at 10:00am and travels to
Hinesville, GA. Employee returns home the same day
at 10:45pm. The employee is eligible to be reimbursed
for a meal per diem (traveled 50+ miles and gone for
12+ hours). The meal allowance would be $21.
Computed by multiplying the daily rate of $28 by 75%.
Out-of-state meal per diems
 For travel outside of Georgia, UGA will still use the
General Services Administration (GSA) per diem rates.
 Travelers will receive 75% of the allowable per diem on
the day of departure and the day of return.
 The $5 incidental expenses amount included in the
GSA per diem rates will now be included in the
 Employee leaves from Athens on a Saturday. She flies
from Atlanta to Boston, MA. The traveler is in Boston
on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and returns to
Athens on Wednesday. Traveler should be reimbursed
a meal per diem of $319.50. The meals and incidental
expenses daily rate for Boston is $71. The traveler is
eligible for $71 on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
Saturday and Wednesday, the traveler is eligible for
75% of the allowable rate. This would equate to $53.25.
Total is computed $53.25 + $71 + $71 + $71 + $53.25=
Effective November 1, 2012
 Travel expense form has been modified. Travelers will be
prompted to select travel dates when they log into the
travel expense statement so they will be routed to the
appropriate form.
 The travel expense form contains guidance to assist
travelers with computing meal per diem rates for travel
11/1/12 or after.
 Employee Travel Pocket Guide!
 Travel website:
 Contact Accounts Payable at 706-542-2786
Jennifer Collins, Manager
[email protected]
Andre Simmons, Asst Manager [email protected]
Patricia Sims, Supervisor
[email protected]
Westley Bargo, Out-Of-State [email protected]
Michelle Green, Instate Travel [email protected]

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