The Georgia Piedmont2

By: Lauren, Jae ‘Son, Trenton, Kyle, Kunal, Ron, Lakyla
The Piedmont and it’s
The Piedmont region consists a variety of
crystals including igneous, quartz, and
gemstone. Piedmont has great minerals like
Mica witch is used for tires, paint, and wall
paste .Did you know that people mine
Plants and Trees of the
There are more than 200 different types of
plants in the Piedmont like the Loblolly Pine,
Black Walnuts, Hickory, Dogwood, and also
Sweet Gum. Piedmont also has different
kinds of flowers like the azalea, wisteria, and
the black eyed susan.
Does the Piedmont Have
Animals and Birds?
Yes, the Piedmont has many animals and bird
including the Cotton Rabbit, Bald Eagle,
Horned Owl, Raccoon, Opossum, Squirrels,
Canadian Goose, Wood Pecker, Cardinal, Blue
Jay, and the Brown Thrasher.
Where is it Located?
The Piedmont is between the Blue Ridge
Mountains and the Costal Plains. It’s known
for weathered and nutrient poor soil. It is the
second largest region in Georgia. It does not
snow a lot here.
Rivers in the Piedmont
There are many kinds of rivers in the Piedmont.
Some of them are the Chattahoochee,
Etowah, Apalachee, and Oconee River.
Changes of Our Environment
A fire causes lots of changes. It can destroy
many things. A few things it can cause is
pollution. Pollution is when fire and smoke
burn everything around it. Pollution can also
extinct many animals.
Fun Places in the Piedmont
Do you sometimes think it’s boring on the
weekend? Just join the fun places in the
Piedmont like Six Flags, White Waters, Snow
Mountain, Stone Mountain, Aquarium, and
the World of Coke.
Fun Facts
Piedmont means “Foot of mountains”
A baby robin fell into a backyard and a family took
care of it until it could fly.
Did you know that coyotes make dens near
There are 200 kinds of trees , plants , and grasses
that are native to the piedmont.
Kainite is used on space shuttles.
Pyrite is sometimes used for making paper.
Granite is used to make jewelry.
Climates in the Region
Sometimes in the Piedmont it occupies nearly
one-third of the whole land area in the state.
It enjoys a variable climate with cool winters(57
Fahrenheit on average) and hot summers (89
Endangered Animals and
The bald eagle is one of the endangered
animals in the Piedmont. The quail is also
one of the endangered animals. And how
could we forget about the salamander! And
last but not least the woodpecker.
The Diets
Opossums and raccoon sense there food. They
will eat anything they find. Owls hunt other
animals and have them as food. They count
on their sharp hearing and there great smell
and eyesight to locate food.
Soil in the region
Species naturally occurring in the piedmont
region(indigenous). Not all Georgia soils are
red. The state is well known for its abundance
of "Georgia Red clay”. Indigenous mean
originating in and characteristic of a
particular region or country.

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