The Good Samaritan Campaign

Help Save Lives in the Commonwealth
Join The Massachusetts 911 Good Samaritan Campaign
Prevention Conference
October 30th, 2014
Our Mission
To organize recovering
individuals, families and friends
into a collective voice to
educate the public about the
value of recovery from alcohol
and other addictions.
Our Vision
MOAR envisions a society
where addiction is treated as a
significant public health issue
and recovery is recognized as
valuable to all our
Can We Really Learn from The Past
Opioid-Related Fatal Overdoses, Motor Vehicle-Related Injury
Deaths, and Firearm Deaths
- MA Residents
Opioid-related Poisoning Deaths
Motor Vehicle-Related Injury Deaths
Firearm Deaths
The source of the data is: Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, MA Department of Public Health
The Good Samaritan Campaign
At Least 7625 people died from 2002- 2012
Spread The Word
Become a Good Samaritan—
Call 911 to Save a Life
So Many
Why Do
15 state funded coalitions
find out = fear of arrest
Major Reason: “fear of arrest”
What Did The Good Samaritan
Campaign Do?
 Worked 5 Years to Get Good Sam Passed
 Massachusetts Joins 16 other states
How It Works?
 Provides legal protection when 911 is called
 Provides health care givers the right to prescribe
Naloxone (Narcan) to family members, a medication
that can reverse opioid overdoses.
Good Sam Wallet Sized!
What more does the Law Do
 Offers protection from drug possession charges for
people who call 911 and the person, whom overdose
emergency medical attention is sought
 Offers legal protection to medical professionals who
prescribe naloxone to a family member or friend
who may need to administer naloxone to reverse a
potential fatal opiate overdose
What the Law will Not Do!
 Does not interfere with law enforcement securing
the scene at an overdose
 Does not prevent prosecution for drug trafficking
 Does not prevent prosecution for outstanding
Good Sam Action Plan for Awareness
 Good Samaritan Law Fact Sheet instituted
 Chief William Brooks, (Norwood ) and
Chief Terrence Cunningham (Wellesley)
 Quincy Police Department supported by
Lt Detective Patrick Glynn use Narcan to reverse
more than 193 overdoses. (Lt Glynn awarded!)
 Gloucester 1st in MA to have both the Police & Fire
Depts. certified to carry nasal Narcan since 2011.
Thank You to all MOAPC coalitions for
for all You Do!
What MOAR?
 Over 21,700 persons were trained to prevent,
recognize and respond to an opioid overdose and
administer naloxone (Narcan®).
 DPH has documented reversal of over 2533
potentially fatal overdoses.
School and Community Action Steps:
· School districts inform students about Good Samaritan law
· Health Education Bill includes alcohol and drug prevention
• 15 state funded Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalitions
71 MA communities receive support to reduce
opioid \abuse and misuse – North Shore MOAPC
Weymouth, Gloucester, Milford, Quincy, Saugus, & Revere Fire
Departments carry Narcan
Learn to Cope Parent Group Training Families to use Narcan
Thank You Gloucester, Beverly, Danvers Again!
Healthcare Professionals Take Good
Samaritan Action
 Boston Medical Center’s Dr. Alex Walley leads
Narcan Project
 Boston Medical Center Colleen Labelle, RN,
educating nurses
 Website on Narcan
Help Save Lives in the Commonwealth
Join The Massachusetts 911 Good Samaritan Campaign
Help Save Lives in the Commonwealth
Join The Massachusetts 911 Good Samaritan Campaign
We Want to Do What New Jersey Did!
Help Save Lives in the Commonwealth
Join The Massachusetts 911 Good Samaritan Campaign
Letters to The Editor!
MOAR of a
Dialogue with You!
 What Clarifications and Concerns are needed?
 What can we learn from each other? Other States?
 How can we all Promote being a Good Samaritan?
 How are Liability Regulations for Responder,
Pharmacists and Prescribers working?
 Promote awareness via MA Opiate funding?
 More coordinated law enforcement, medical,
recovery community, schools education?
 Do we need an amendment?
Please join Good Sam Campaign
MA Organization for Addiction Recovery:
1-877-423-6627 (toll free)
[email protected]

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