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Welcome to
Mark Rutherford School
The House System
Miss Bradley
Student Support Assistant: Mrs Scott
Miss Foley
Student Support Assistant: Mrs Newbury
Mr Briggs
Student Support Assistant: Mrs Burrells
Mr Morgan
Student Support Assistant: Miss Venables / Mrs
Vertical Tutor Groups
• 52 Tutor groups
• 14 Tutor Groups per House
• 10 Tutor Groups made up of year 7,8,9,10,11
• 4 Tutor groups made up from Year 12,13 and 14.
• Tutor responsible for the pastoral care and
academic progress of students
• The Tutor is the student’s and parent’s first point
of contact, via planner, telephone call or e mail.
Academic Mentoring
• Takes place on a Tuesday morning
• Parent and student called into school for a tutor
meeting. A letter will be posted home.
• At least twice in the year
• Data driven
• Targets set
• Targets reviewed
• Progress monitored by Tutor and Head of House
Lunch Time
• Lunches will take place between 12.15 and 1,55.
• Years 7,8 10 and 12 will have lunch at 12.15
followed by lesson 4 and 5.
• Years 9, 11 and 13 will have lunch at 1.15
followed by lesson 5.
• Younger Year Groups (7 &8) will have a separate
play area
• There are areas where youngsters who are not
comfortable with large numbers can go and feel
safe and secure.
Attendance and Punctuality
Target attendance is 93%
We expect all our students to achieve this.
Punctuality is also a vital skill
Lateness receives a sanction
Good attendance and punctuality is rewarded.
First day of Term
Wednesday September 3rd
Meet on tennis court at 8.25 am in full ‘winter’ uniform
Students will be with their tutor all morning.
Timetable, planners maps given out and explained
Find their way around school
Fire Drill
Photographs taken
Meet other tutees
Planned Activities
Expectations, rewards, rules and sanctions explained
Whole school assembly
Dismissed to go home at 2.55 pm
Top Tips for Parents
• Label all the items of uniform and belongings
• Check their planner for homework
• Agree a bedtime for schooldays, they will be tired in the
first weeks
• Work out what time they will need to get up to get to
school on time.
• Agree a routine for the morning, who showers first and for
how long
• Know the school rules about uniform and do not accept
their word that it has changed
• Encourage them to get their uniform ready the night before
• Have a timetable clearly displayed at home
• Help them plan ahead for Food Tech and PE
• Communicate with school about concerns

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