PARCC Presentation - Trimpe Middle School

Techie Tips for Teachers
Objectives for Today
● Responsibilities of a test admin/proctor
● Login to PearsonAccess Next (training)
● Navigating TestNav 8
-Tech Tools Examples for PARCC
The Accessibility and Accommodation Features
-General (For All Students)
-PNP (Personal Needs Profile)
● Experience the Test
Test Administrator/Test Proctor
Supervise the test
Clarify directions
Time Keeper
Verify Student has answered all
questions within the section
Possible Responsibilities
Teacher designated Computer
Logged in as Test Admin
PearsonAccess next
Username and password
Start a Test
Resume a Test
Monitor Students Progress in a
Test Sessions
Training PearsonAccess Next
Login to PearsonAccess Next
PearsonAccess Next Dashboard
Testing window
Organization = School
Tech Tools- PARCC
Plot points
Drag and drop
Type with text editor
Manipulate graphics
Select an object,text,area
Select and drag/slide
Change font size/background
Text highlighter
Use on screen video player,
calculator,protractor, ruler
Knowing when to select multiple answers
(square) and single answers (circle)
General Keyboarding
Navigating TestNav8
When Students Finish the Section
1 Section Test
If a student clicks yes then the
6 unanswered questions will
receive 0 points
Remind students to click
review answers before they
submit final answers or
Continue will
take them to
the 2nd
section of the
**PNP prior to testing
PNP - Personal Needs Profile
The PNP is a collection of student information regarding a student’s testing
condition, materials, or accessibility features and accommodations that are
needed to take a PARCC assessment.
Process for Collecting PNP Information:
For students without disabilities, and who are not English learners, decisions about which accessibility
features identified in advance (if any and if allowed) will be included in the student’s PNP will be made
based on the student’s education-related needs and preferences by an informal team, which may
include the:
a.Student (as appropriate)
c.Student’s primary educator in the subject of the assessment
*PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual – Page 22-24
PNP Identified Student Accommodations
Answer Masking: electronically “covers” answer option enabled based on PNP
Color Contrast: Alternate onscreen background and/or
font color - enabled based on PNP
Text-to-Speech: for the Math Assessments - Test is read
aloud to student using embedded text-to-speech software
PNP Accessibility Examples
Answer Masking
Text-to-Speech (Math)
Color Contrast
General Accessibility Examples
Audio Amplification
Answer Eliminator
Highlight Tool
General Accessibility Examples
Line Reader Tools
Note Pad
Pop-up Glossary
General Accessibility Examples
Writing Tools
Tools Found in PARCC (ELA)
Tab between Documents ( i.e.- Grade 11 ELA Q 6)
Drag & Drop (i.e.- Grade 4 ELA Q 6)
Multiple Choice and Multiple Select (i.e.- Grade 4 ELA Q18)
Pop-up Glossary (i.e.- Grade 11 ELA Q1)
Writing Tool (i.e.- Grade 4 ELA Q 7)
Tools Found in PARCC (MATH)
On Screen Ruler (i.e - Grade 4 Math Q 1)
On Screen Protractor - (i.e - Grade 4 Math Q 1)
On Screen Calculator - if allowable for the test section
Plot Points (i.e.- Grade 8 Math Q 2)
Tools Found in PARCC
Equation Editor Samples
Grade 3-5
Grade 6-8
Grade HS
Graphing Calculator Software - Choose OS to download/ Read Graphing Calculator Info
Tool Examples
Plot Points
Multiple Choice and Multiple Select
PARCC Training URL (Test Admin/Proctor)
PARCC Training Student URL
PARCC Resource Page- (Tutorials, Sample items, Practice Tests, & Manuals)
Tips for Entering Math with Equation Editor - Math Equation tips Grade 3-5 - Math Equation tips Grade 6-8 - Math Equation tips High School
High School Assessment Reference Sheet (Math)
Infrastructure Trial Readiness Guide Version 2.1
Resources II
Ohio’s New State Test Technology Skills and Readiness Resources
Dot’s DotCom - Tech Skills for PARCC Online State Testing
Common Core Song -
Abbott & Costello 7x13=28-

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