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Graduate Send Off Events
Post Event Survey
Spring 2012
Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: How did you hear about the Graduate Send-Off Events?
(please check all that apply)
1. I work in Event Services
2 .(I couldn’t pick more than one! But email & posters too!)
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Please rate the ticket purchasing process.
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: What is the highest amount of money that you would
pay to attend a Graduate Send-Off event?
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Please rate the variety of events available during
Graduate Send-Off week.
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Do you think that graduates would be interested in an
on-campus Graduate Send-Off option?
1. Lake day, canoeing, fishing, swimming etc...
2. Beerfest
3. A party all night through the morn... Maybe w activities offered through out year such as
movie bingo dancing bands
4. maybe a carnival
5. A Graduate Dance might be nice.
6. cap decorating night.
7. Liquor permit needed- so many other colleges in the state have controlled liquor events.
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Please provide any ideas that you may have for future
Graduate Send-Off events.
1. New York city trip, wildwood trip, the melting pot
2. Lake Day
3. Phillies game
4. Thank you was fun
5. Some of the events were too long and I wanted to leave earlier, like Dave and Busters; I ran
out of games points almost 2 hours before we left. And sex flags was a little too long as well.
6. maybe a day bus trip! or a zoo!
7. Smithville
8. Nice banquet dinner/dance and after party in Atlantic City, have enough tickets for every
senior for every event and allow students to use their own transportation to all events
9. Maybe a trip to see a Broadway show would be interesting for future Graduates.
10. None at this time.
11. I think that some things you should be able to drive yourself to. IE Dave and Busters and
six flags.
12. Bar crawl, AC nightlife events. A lot of other schools in NJ do things like that.
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Which Graduate Send-Off events did you attend? (please
check all that apply)
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: At the event(s) that you attended, were there items that
you were dissatisfied with that we should be aware of? (please be as specific as
1. being required to take school provided transportation to the comedy and dinner show since I live in Brigantine
I had to drive to Stockton to go 5 minutes from my house
2. No
3. The buffet at Dave and Buster's was not as good as the food they serve. It would have been better and less
time consuming to have just given us a meal voucher.
4. Gourmet dinner was on the same night as graduate/masters commencement. The place was PACKED.
5. Nope! Pottery was awesome and you should include that activity into something freshman/sophomore
related. This would allow the students a chance to learn where Glazed Over is and entice them to come back.
Great place!
6. No
7. No
8. everything was wonderful! Maybe more "bar food" at the Dave and Busters buffet instead of the pastas and
9. The dinner at the seafood restaurant had no seafood option. The food they did offer wasn't bad but could
have been better. The fact that transportation to the dinner/comedy show was in a yellow bus was
10. No. Wish I went to more.
11. There was nothing wrong with any of the events, however I did have a problem with the ticket purchasing
process. When I bought my first ticket, the name they registered to my address was not my name and it made it
hard to buy my next ticket. I know part of the blame lies with me, since I should have checked the ticket before I
left, but I was not aware the name appeared on the ticket. Those registering tickets should be more observant,
especially if they have an ID card in front of them.
12. Dave and Buster's food wasn't very good. Also the movie passes could of been used whenever not on the
specific days that we were told.
13. Our time at great adventure was cut short by about an hour which was a little disappointing.
14. The dinner at Scales Bar and Grill before the comedy show was not what I was expecting, I did not think the
food was that great.
Graduate Send-Off, 2012: Please list any positive feedback regarding any of the
Graduate Send-Off events that you attended. (please be specific as possible)
1. Yogo and pottery was awesome and I love that the free movie tickets can be used for ANY movie
2.The transportation there and back from Great Adventure and Dave and Busters was comforting.
3.The events were a lot of fun and there was a great variety. I had a really good last week at school. The
Aquarium was awesome! Good week, great deals.
4. The pottery was so much fun! I was so glad that this was an event because I had always wanted to go but
never got the chance. My friends and I had fun and made pieces that we will keep forever. Great prices on
the events too!
5. So much fun. I am really glad you provided these opportunities. It really gave me something to remember
and say goodbye to my friends with. The prices are amazing and I had a great time. Thank you so much!
6. Dave and Busters was awesome!
7. Everything was awesome. Chrissie was very helpful!! I would absolutely recommend them to other
8. Great prices! Fun memories! The comedy show was funny! There was a black out while we were at
Bowling Night, but they gave us passes to come again the next day, which we appreciated!
9. For the price paid for two movie tickets and a $15 dinner Gourmet voucher for only $10 was a great deal.
10. It was all very fun.
11. I really thought Senior Week was a good deal. I felt the tickets were an extremely reasonable price for
the activities that I wanted to do.
12. Six flags was the best.
13. I had a lot of fun with all of the events
14. The gourmet dinner and movie was great being able to go to dinner at your own time was very helpful.
15. so much fun.
16. I loved the flexibility of the pottery and Yogo ticket. The pottery company was amazing to work with and
extremely helpful.

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