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Getting the Most From
Internet Advancement
National Advancement Committee
Webinars and Education Task Force
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Why Report Advancement?
One of Eight Methods of Scouting
Patrol Method
Outdoor Programs
Adult Association
Personal Growth
Leadership Development
Why Report Advancement?
Part of Scouting's Journey to Excellence
Suggested Reporting Frequency
• Monthly, but at least quarterly
• After every board of review
• Before the end of the current charter year
• Before Journey to Excellence reporting
• More often for larger units
Why Internet Advancement?
BSA recommendation on reporting advancement
…from the Guide to Advancement, topic
Advantages of
Internet Advancement
• Reduces or eliminates Scouts’ record gaps
• Records ranks, badges, and awards
• Can be done at your convenience
• Will accept records from PackMaster™,
TroopMaster™, and ScoutSoft™ for ranks and
some badges and awards
Additional Advantages
• Enforces most BSA advancement rules
• Eliminates illegible handwriting
• Allows advancement date corrections
• Provides simple and intuitive interface
• Offers useful reports
Available Reports
• Review Unit Roster
• Unit Advancement Summary
• Member Summary
• Review Advancement Report
• View Previous Advancement Reports
• Print Membership Cards
• Unit Order Form
Two More Benefits!
1. Have you ever wondered if the Council
entered that youth application you
turned in? Now you can verify online!
2. Has an Eagle Rank Application ever
been returned by Council for “missing
merit badge”? Now you can verify
everything is in order before that
application gets to the Council.
What Internet Advancement Won't Do
• Ensure a quality unit advancement program
• Record nonadvancement data such as
meeting or activity attendance, or positions
of responsibility
• Record Eagle rank information
• Record lifesaving and meritorious awards
• Record religious awards or awards from
outside organizations
Supported Operating Systems
• Windows
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server,
Windows 8
• Apple
OS X (Mac running a virtual version of
Windows and IE)
Browser Requirements
• Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 are OK “as is”
• Internet Explorer 9 and 10 work using
“compatibility mode” and setting “*”
as a trusted site
• Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are
not supported
• For all browsers, Java scripting must be enabled
• For all browsers, pop-up blockers must be
Accessing Internet
• Log onto MyScouting using your BSA account,
then click on “Internet Advancement.”
• Direct web address:
• Link also found at bottom of website.
Where to Get Help
• Help and FAQ links
• Your council registrar: 206-725-5200
• Your District Executive
• District and council advancement committees
• National Support Center
[email protected] or (972) 580-2267
Final Thoughts
• Board of review Signatures
• Chief Seattle Council does not require
Board of Review signatures on the
report generated by Internet
Advancement used to purchase badges
• Unfeasible for multiple ranks.
Final Thoughts
• Scout transfers
• Dual registration
Final Thoughts
• Cub Scout Academic and Sports Program
PINS (belt loops are OK) cannot be
entered into Internet Advancement. Also,
due to a programming issue, Cub Scout
advancement should be entered and
then saved as follows:
• Enter ranks, then save.
• Enter activity badges, then save.
• Enter belt loops, then save.
Thank you for attending!

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