Name of Your Region

Sixth Grade European Tour!
• Each team has been assigned a region of Europe to
explore. Students will research the countries in
your assigned region using the internet. Students
may also bring in outside resources to be used in
class. This PowerPoint is to be used as your guide.
All seven slides must be completed in your own
words, according to the directions, using correct
information and proper punctuation, spelling, and
capitalization. Each slide must also contain a
picture. Students are to add their own animations
to the slides.
Research Links
Name of Your Region
Your Names
Where (your region) is located
• Tell which countries are
located in your assigned
region. What are the
capital cities? Include a
map of your region.
Geographic Features of (your country)
• Name any important
rivers, lakes, oceans,
mountain ranges and other
geographic features that
can be found in your
Climate of (your region)
• Tell about the typical
weather patterns in your
region throughout the
calendar year.
Environment of (your country)
• Describe some of the native
animals and plants that
can be seen in your region.
History of (your region)
• Make a timeline of the important historical events of your
Name of
Event 1
Name of
Event 2
Name of
Event 3
Name of
Event 4
Name of
Event 5
Name of
Event 6
Name of
Event 7
Name of
Event 8
1st Date
2nd Date
3rd Date
4th Date
5th Date
6th Date
7th Date
8th Date
Description of
of Event
of Event
of Event
of Event
of Event
of Event
of Event
Customs and Traditions
• Tell about the important
customs and traditions
celebrated in your region.
Include information about
who celebrates and when
they celebrate.
Government of (the countries in your region)
• Explain how laws are made
and changed in the
countries in your region.
Tell how people are chosen
to lead the countries.
Economy of (the countries in your region)
• Explain which goods and
services are produced in
your region. How do people
typically provide for the
needs of themselves and
their families?
Tourism in (your region)
• Tell about the points of
interest in your region that
people from other countries
may be interested in

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