Presentation By:ContentKeeper Technologies.
• Monitor – Internet Usage
• Manage – staff access to the Internet
• Control – staff access to the Internet
• Secure – against spyware, trojans, malicious
First in a new generation of filtering systems
Why would any one want to buy a
Filtering Solution?
• Because they have a management problem
It’s a big one
Its VERY VERY expensive… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
They all have it
They all know they have it
Most do not know how bad the problem is
ContentKeeper is the solution
Monitor …..Manage…….Control
The Problem Begins
• Corporate LAN without Internet
Tight management control – no
• Corporate LAN with Internet
No management – big problem
• It’s Cyber Slacking – between one to two hours per day,
per employee (IDC, for large enterprises)
• It’s free employee entertainment
• It’s fun
• It’s the Internet!
• It’s like a TV right on your desktop
• It’s sports
• It’s new jobs
• It’s free music downloads
• It’s travel, gambling, pornography… etc..
No Management = A Big Problem
• It cuts Staff Productivity
• It cuts Available Bandwidth
• It increases Legal Exposure and risks
Company Reputation
It needs to be managed
• Management of staff = massive productivity gains
• Management of Bandwidth = hard $$$ saved $$$
• Management of Exposure = reduced Legal Costs
– Copyright issues – Sony $$$
– Sexual harassment cases can be expensive $$$
– Company reputation $$$
• Monitor Manage and Control!
Manage play time or suffer real losses !!
Real Gains from ContentKeeper
Reduce Wasted Staff Time Costs
Reduce Internet Access Cost
Reduces Legal Exposure:Copyright, Sexual Harassment, Company Reputation
ContentKeeper Provides
Management with the Ability to ReGain Control
The Cost savings – Make it’s a no brainer!...
Increased productivity +
Reduced bandwidth
Reduced legal liability +
Increased company reputation protection
lots of $$$$$$ and worry saved !!
Who is the target
Private Enterprise
ISPs and ASPs
Just about any organisation with a LAN attached
to the Internet
The larger the organisation the bigger the problem
and the more to be gained from ContentKeeper
Know you target
• Is it a Green fields site? (ie. new to filtering)
• Are they an existing filtering customer?
• Is there any competition in sight?
This is key information:different situations require different
Sites With No Filtering
• The education process
(it’s all on the front of the product brochure)
• Cost Savings Calculation
(No. of staff x wasted hours x staff cost) +
bandwidth costs = lots of money $$$
• Vs ContentKeeper subscription = short pay back
Therefore it makes no commercial sense not to
The Internet Today
• Massive Growth of new sites
• Filter avoidance (Porn & Gambling
• Moving / temporary domains – months,
weeks, days, how long will they be there?
• Automated Domain Name Registration
• Increase usage of SPAM emails for delivery
HTML descriptor = “”
Older, First Generation Filtering
Manual URL collection !
Manual site analysis (as advertised!) ??
Single point web crawlers
Monthly, weekly or in some cases once-a-day
Older, First Generation Filtering
• They used to work well 10 years ago!!
• Unfortunately, they can no longer cope
– Crawl the whole Internet !!!
• Expensive
• Practically impossible
• Finding new sites is really a hit-and-miss exercise,
even if found, the site will often have moved on
• Aircraft hanger and torch light searching!!
• These systems are like an open gate for staff
Macquarie University Study
The Facts:-
(6th March 2003)
• “email alone generates 7.3 million new web pages
per day” + other new sites = many(?) millions
• Manual Categorization (average time)
– 1 person approximately 5 minutes per site, or
approximately 100 sites per day
– 7.3 Million+ Sites divided by 100 sites/day
Requires 73,000+ staff to keep the list up to date!!.
No filtering manufacturer has 73,000+ staff!
ContentKeeper has been designed from
day one to deal with these problems. It is
the next generation of filtering systems
It Combines :• A Global Control List – millions of URLs
• HOURLY updates
• Real Time AI Engine and
• Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering
Technology (US and International Patents Pending)
To proved the best filtering available
How Does ContentKeeper Do It?
• ContentKeeper has a built-in real time engine to
catch new sites as well as the industry’s most upto-date site control list.
– ContentKeeper employs AI techniques and the latest in
M.A.R.I.O.TM real time blocking and classification
technology to catch new and previously unvisited sites
– ContentKeeper also has a patent-pending, industry
leading, Closed-Loop Collaborative FilteringTM
Technology which ensures that the database of nonbusiness related sites is superior in quality and
Closed-Loop Collaborative FilteringTM Technology
(Global Collection with Hourly Updates)
• Any new suspect URLs
discovered locally, are
encoded, encrypted,
compressed, and sent back
every hour to the Data Centre
for anonymous submission to
our AI, analysis and
categorization engines.
• Sites that are then confirmed to
fall into one of the control
categories are included in the
Global Control List updates to
be collected by every
ContentKeeper unit in the field
during the next hourly update
cycle hour.
• ContentKeeper has both a control list containing
millions of URLs as well as a Real Time Engine.
The Global Control List is updated on an
HOURLY basis.
• Now if a user in London for example, goes to a
brand new site the request packet is inspected by
ContentKeeper. Firstly, ContentKeeper checks the
Global Control List and if the URL was found,
acts according to the policies you have set.
• If the URL is not found then the AI engine kicks in
and start analyzing the data stream in real time.
• ContentKeeper will allow the 1st page through so
that it does not slow down the network traffic.
About 60 seconds later, when our friend is about
to click on the next link on that web site, the AI
engine has finished its job and that site will be
blocked instantly.
• Meanwhile the newly discovered URL is placed
• When ContentKeeper calls in to collect all the
other URLs discovered by one of the 460,000+
ContentKeeper users around the GLOBE it will
send the new URLs it has found
ANONYMOUSLY to the ContentKeeper
• At the Datacenter the URLs are passed through all
the ContentKeeper AI engines for in-depth
analysis. If they come out of that process still
looking like porn for example, then they are added
to the Global Control List and collected by every
ContentKeeper unit worldwide during the next
hourly update cycle.
So our friend in London
• Who may have received one of those SPAM
emails, may have been the 1st guy in the world to
go to this new site.
• With the traditional products it’s like a wide open
gate, they are powerless to stop them.
• With ContentKeeper, the site will be blocked
locally within 60 seconds and then within an hour
or so of discovery, that new site is blocked in
Thailand, Europe, UK, USA, Australia and all
around the world.
• Whereas the traditional filtering companies have
approximately 20 to 40 staff and single point web
crawlers looking for new sites, ContentKeeper has
over 460,000+ users discovering new sites,
automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Clearly, ContentKeeper’s globally based CLOSED
TECHNOLOGY is a far superior methodology for
tackling this global problem more than any
other solution on the market today.
But wait there is more!!
ContentKeeper’s Quality control is built in!.
• Other vendors – no effective Control List review
with only approximately 40 staff.
• ContentKeeper once again utilizes CLOSED
the quality of the database.
• Whenever any of the ContentKeeper
administrators/users around the globe come across
an incorrectly classified URL, they can simply and
instantly re-classify that URL fixing the problem
on their own site while at the same time
automatically contributing to the Quality of the
Global List.
• That re-classification then goes into the
Reclassification Request Queue which
will be sent back to the Data Center
during the next HOURLY update
cycle. At the Data Center, the URL will
be manually checked, and if necessary,
reclassified and added to the Global
Control List, to be collected by every
device worldwide during the next
hourly-update cycle.
• This means that while the competitor's control list is
increasing in a linear fashion, ContentKeeper’s list
is growing exponentially.
• While their control list quality is increasing in a
linear fashion, ContentKeeper’s list is improving
• Whereas their quality control relies on their own
staff (<40), ContentKeeper has over 460,000 users,
automatically helping to maintain and improve
quality, working non-stop around the globe.
Local administrator has total control
• Local and Global Control Lists
• Local control list overrides global control list
• High level category controls down to the lowest web or file
based elements
• High level group and network controls down to the
individual user or IP address levels
• Multiple wild card controls for both web sites and files
• Policy management by departments, groups, users, IPs
• Clean or white list access.
• Allow, Block, Warning & Time of Day controls
• Personal Surfing Units (PSUs) controls
• Point and click browser based reporting provides
99% of information required
• Real time reports – activity & blocking
• Historical reports graphics and log files
• Ease of access to logs, browser based and
automated FTP/SFTP downloads
• Easy import into enterprise reporting packages
• ASCII CSV, Apache and WebSpy import formats
• Departmental reporting with authenticated access
Automatic and manual tuning
• Because Content Keeper has a real time AI engine,
it learns about the sites your staff are going to
• On day one, it will be good. A week later, even
better, as the engine learns and tightens down on
non-business related surfing.
• Also, cut and paste from the real time reports can
be used to further tighten down on non-business
Internet usage.
Other Major Advantages
• Security by design-hardened kernel,
encryption, SSL, SSH, SFTP.
• Superior bridge design
• Simple installation
• Compatibility and integration (Microsoft,
Novell, Unix, Mainframes, VAXs etc.)
• Efficiency
• Web-based management
• Automated activation – no key codes!
More Major Advantages
• Automatic control list downloads
• Automatic software updates
• Automatic log file management & off loader
• Totally Scalable from 25 to millions of
• Easy Policy development and verification
• Default and Global Policy definitions
Enterprise Strength By Design
• Totally Scalable from 25 to millions of users
• High Available Module (HAM) -Fault tolerant
• Load Balancing Compatibility
• Centralized Management
• Automatic WCCP (cisco) protocol support
• User Name Resolution via NETBUI, DNS, Proxy
Authentication (Basic + NTLM)
• Comprehensive Directory Services support –
Active Directory, NT40 PDC, eDirectory, LDAP
and Radius
Some Reference Sites
Australian Federal Government (many departments)
Hawker Pacific Aerospace (US & UK)
UK National Health Service
Salvation Army (UK, Australia)
Santos Mining, Cyber One
Coles Myer, Care Australia
BHP Billiton (Global Deployment)
Fosters, Bachooco (Mexico), ISSSE (Mexico)
University of Technology (UTS), Macquarie Uni.
Many Schools, and many more!
Forum Fisheries Agency, …..etc
ContentKeeper is the Tool
ContentKeeper Enterprise
ContentKeeper ISP
ContentKeeper Appliances – SME & LE
HAM Modules – internal & external
Installation & Training
Consulting- policy development, usage analysis,
custom blocking screens, etc.
The Annual Subscription
• License to use, during the subscription
• Hourly Global Control List updates
• Phone, fax and email support around the
clock – Canberra – London – and soon
• All software updates during the subscription
Why ContentKeeper?
• It’s simply the best!
• On Launch –Networld/Interop “Best New
Enterprise Product of the Year” award
• PCWorld – “4 Golden Globes” award
• US Network Computing Article – rave review
• Zero to 460,000 users in less than 2 years
• R&D for over 5 years
• Future developments
Technical Session
ContentKeeper Installation
ContentKeeper Installation
ContentKeeper Installation
ContentKeeper Installation
ContentKeeper Installation
ContentKeeper Installation

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