Completing the California Dream Act Application 2014-15

Completing the California Dream Act
Application 2014-15
Mark Franco
EOPS Counselor
• Introduction
– AB 540, AB 130 & 131
Cal Grants
Important Dates & Deadlines
Where can I apply?
Cal. Dream Act Application
What’s Next?
• The California Dream Act Application is used to determine the
California state financial eligibility of students who meet the
qualifications of Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540). The California
Student Aid Commission (CSAC) will process this application.
Any aid received can only be used at eligible California
To complete the California Dream Act Application to receive aid from
the State of California as a non-resident applying under AB 540, you
must meet the following requirements:
• Attend high school in California for at least 3 full years.
• Earn a high school diploma, General Educational Development (GED)
or pass the California High School Proficiency Exam
• File an affidavit with the college or university you are attending stating that
you have filed an application to legalize your immigration status OR that you
will file an application as soon as you are eligible to do so.
The California Dream Act
The California Dream Act of 2011 is the result of two bills;
Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130) & Assembly Bill 131 (AB 131).
Allow undocumented and documented students who meet certain
provisions of AB 540 law to apply for and receive:
•Private scholarships funneled through public universities (AB 130)
– private donors, alumni contributions, individual departmental
•State-administered financial aid, university grants, and community
college fee waivers (AB 131).
–state financial aid, including Cal Grants
What is Cal. Grant
• Money you don’t have to pay back
• Meet the eligibility and financial requirements as well as any
minimum GPA requirements
• Can be used at any
University of California
California State University or
California Community College
As well as qualifying independent and career colleges or
technical schools in California
Who can apply for Cal Grant?
For students who:
• Are graduating high school seniors
• Attend community college and are planning to transfer to a 4year institution in Fall 2014. (Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement)
• Are enrolled in a technical or vocational school may apply for
Cal Grant C Entitlement
General Cal Grant Eligibility Requirements
• Be a California resident or
meet AB 540 requirements
• Be a U.S. citizen, eligible noncitizen or meet AB 540
• Meet Selective Service
• Attend an eligible California
• Not be in default on a federal
student loan
• Not have earned a BA/BS
• Maintain Satisfactory
Academic Progress
• Not be incarcerated
• Be enrolled at least half-time
Important Dates
January 1-March 2, 2014:
• Apply for Cal Grants beginning January 1, 2014, Fall of 2014
• Deadline March 2nd!
• Apply for help institutional and college scholarships as UC
Grants, State Univerisity Grants by priority deadlines
To complete the application, gather the following documents:
• W-2 forms and other 2013 records of income (if you or your
parents have any)
• 2013 income tax return (s) (if you or your parents have one)
For more information if you or your return(s) have not been
completed, see the instructions on the Dream Act Application
• What happens if I have not filed taxes before completing my
If you have not filed taxes, you can give an approximate amount
using the previous year’s income.
• What if I do not file taxes....
In order to complete the CA Dream Act Application, you must
provide an estimate of your income.
Important Details for AB 540 students
• Your application may be selected for verification by
the college/university
• Many California Dream Act applicants submitted
taxes using the ITIN Personal Identification Number
Taxpayer (Identification Tax ID Number)
Accessing the
California Dream Act Application
• Scroll down and click
• Click on application
• You will be asked specific questions to determine your
eligibility for the Cal. Dream Act.
• For example:
– Do you have a social security number?
– Did you obtain your social security number granted through
Deferred Action?
– Do you meet the AB 540 criteria?
• Sign in
What happens to the information and how will I
know if I qualify?
• Once the application is signed the student will receive a page
confirmation or any changes needed in the application.
• The information will be electronically transferred to
institutions in approximately 8 days.
With successful completion you’ll see the
Confirmation Page
If you see comment code, you need a parent
signature. Click on the Parent Signature button
Note: You must enter the same wages data as
entered for that parent
Parent PIN will appear
Write it down!
Hit Continue
Enter all data and select
“Submit Parent Signature”
Hit Continue
Now, enter the parent PIN and hit Continue.
After Submitting your Application
• Login to make sure you are not missing any requirements
• Check the confirmation page
Hit “Retrieve my Application”
What’s Next?
How to Apply for a Cal Grant
To Apply for a Cal Grant:
• Submit a California Dream Act Application, AND
• A school-verified Cal Grant Grade Point Average (GPA)
Apply after January 1 and Before
March 2, 2014
Click on Non-SSN
Cal Grant A
•High school seniors
•With a minimum 3.0 GPA
•Cal Grant CCC Grant Transfer Entitlement
•Students who transfer to a CCC to a four-year university
•Have graduated from a California high school after
1/7/00 and not yet reached 28 years
•With a minimum GPA of 2.40
Cal Grant B
• High school graduates
•With a minimum GPA of 2.0
•Cal Grant B CCC Transfer Entitlement
• Students at a CCC use to transfer to a university
• Have graduated from high school after 7/1/00 and
not to be over 28 years
• GPA is used only CCC (Minimum GPA 2.40)
• Potentially unlimited number of awards
Cal Grant C
• For Vocational/Technical/Occupational Students
•Assist with tuition and training costs for occupational,
technical, and vocational programs
•The award includes up to $547 for books, tools and
equipment — and up to $2,462 more for tuition
•Funding is available for up to two years, depending on the
length of the program
When will I know if I qualify?
• Have I submitted the Cal. Dream Act Application?
• Mailed the GPA Verificaion Form?
• For the Cal Grant, students will receive an email which will
say if they qualify or do the following.
After you complete the Dream Act
Establish a WebGrants for Students Account at
What is WebGrants 4 Students?
“WebGrants 4 Students” is a website that:
• Is separate from the California Dream Act Application
• Access to your Cal Grant award information
• Stay on top of your grant application
• Provides valuable information about other types of
financial aid
• Provides links to other related financial aid sites
Further Notes for Dreamers
• Most males, age 18 through 25 must be
registered with Selective Service to be eligible for
state student aid. You can register on the Web at
Go to
Hit “Create an Account”
Instead of a Social Security Number, students who completed
the Dream Act Application must use their Dream Act ID
number to establish a WebGrants for Students account.
Application Status
California Aid Report (CAR)
Cal Grant A Pays
• University of California
– $12192 (Tuition/Fees)
• California State University
– $ 5472 (Tuition/Fees)
• Community College
– Award is held in Reserve
• Private / Proprietary
– $9084 (Tuition/Fees)
Cal Grant B Pays
• University of California
– $12192 (Tuition /Fees) $1473
• California State University
– $ 5472 (Tuition/Fees)
• Community College
– $ 1473
• Private / Proprietary
– Up to $9084 (Tuition/Fees)
How long might I have a
Cal Grant?
• 1st time freshman are potentially eligible for up to four years
of Cal Grant payment
• What is your educational goal - an Associate Degree or a
Bachelors Degree?
• Use your eligibility wisely
• Save eligibility for when you transfer
• Can take breaks by using a Leave of Absence
Office Hours and Contact Info
8am to 1pm & 1:30-5:30pm
8am to 12pm
Telephone (714) 628-4915
[email protected]
• Will post up PowerPoint Presentation online

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