PABXSoft Call Management Software

Call Management Software
Becoming partners
What’s in it for you?
> You will sell more telephone systems <
> You can make $30,000 + profit each year <
> It’s easy….here’s how our partners are already doing it <
We often hear these objections
about Call Management software…
We sell telephone systems not software
Not many people ask us for it
There’s not much profit in it
It’s difficult to install and use, we’re not all IT experts
It’s expensive and hard to sell
We need to keep our price as low as possible
We’re comfortable with our existing supplier
It’s only for big business, we mostly sell smaller systems
and this is what our regular dealers tell us…
We make an extra $300-600 profit on every system we sell
We pitch it as just another feature of our telephone system.
It takes 20 seconds to sell
Most clients don’t know it exists or is so affordable
People like to know what’s going on in the office.
We tell them it’s included as part of the telephone system features.
PABXSoft takes 5 minutes to install, and 10 minutes to show the client.
Anyone can do it.
It’s so simple and easy to understand, our clients love it.
It gives us a price and feature advantage over our competitors.
We sell more telephone systems because we include PABXSoft
PABXSoft supports us and our clients for free. No annual service contracts
Who buys PABXSoft…?
PABXSoft is used in offices large and small, in every
industry from Accountants to Zoos.
It’s sold in 20 countries since 1997 with over 80,000
installations to date.
(We’ve been in the USA since 2002)
Why do they buy ?
Managing time and people
Resource allocation
Cost Reduction
Unauthorized calls
Marketing responses
Incoming customer service
Optimizing Trunks
Account codes and Pin codes
Hotels, Motels, Serviced Offices
General interest-just knowing what’s going on
Someone has to install it…
Had a previous bad experience with this type of software?
With us, just drop in the CD
Click ‘Next’ five times, answer two questions and it’s
installed in a minute.
Then register the licence
(or 14 day Free trial)
Installation is simple…
Select the telephone
Assign the connection to
the telephone system
And that’s it… ready to go
What about support..?
Support is FREE.
Free to our dealers and free to your clients.
We also give YOU a free licence to use in-house.
Reports and Features
There are three ‘versions’ of PABXSoft.
Basic which is a very low cost option with just 5 reports
Advanced, our top seller with 29 Reports, Auto Report
Scheduler, Real-time Traffic
Premium is Advanced, plus Multi-Site, Hotel/Motel and
Prohibited Call Alert.
Upgrading from one to the next is simply registering a
new licence, no installation needed.
We have pre-designed each report with the minimum of
Other times the report requires more options…
(this is the most complex one we have)
What features are there…?
Everything you would expect …
Real-Time activity
screens for any
Departmental group
Hotel / Motel
Check In / Out
Multi-Site reporting
Call Rates changes
Easy to do…
Wizard option
Import from file option
User Directory (unlimited entries)
With e-mail alert option
Extension and Department setup
(unlimited entries)
With e-mail alert option
What reports are there…?
6 x Line (Trunk) Reports
7 x Outgoing Call Reports
6 x Incoming Call Reports
11 x Management Summary Reports
Does the price increase if they add more
No, PABXSoft is a ‘once size fits all’ product.
So how much does it cost ?
Our top selling product, Advanced costs you $399
with a MSRP of $799
Buy 3 a month it drops down to $349
and 5 a month or more it’s just $299
So how much does it cost ?
Basic is $249 less volume discounts
Premium is $499 less volume discounts
By bundling PABXSoft you will attract more buyers
Sell more telephone systems
Make an extra $30,000 + a year (*)
(*) Based on 5 x Advanced sales per month
We'd like to talk with you soon…
[email protected]
(305) 433 8400

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