OCTI 2014 - Oldham County Preschool

March 30, 2015 Reflection Meeting
Noel Gnadinger
Caroline Lesousky
Dorenda Neihof
Lauren Pfeifer
Cindy Smith
Welcome! Please visit our Today’s
Meet Page and post your answer
to the following question:
How have you used
technology to enhance
your literacy instruction
since our seminar last fall?
Today’s Goals
To share our success stories
To brainstorm how we can make these
successes happen in our own classrooms and
To share our barriers
To brainstorm how to overcome these
barriers in our own classrooms and schools
Please share your
reflection with us!
Back-to-Back and Face-to-Face
Purpose: to learn new technology and
sharing strategies to use within your
1. Find a partner and stand back-to-back with him/her. Be respectful
of space.
2. Wait for the question, opinion, etc. that you will be asked to share
with your partner.
3. Think about what it is you want to share and how you might best
express yourself.
4. When the facilitator says, “face-to-face”, turn, face your partner,
and decide who will share first.
5. Listen carefully when your partner is speaking and be sure to give
him/her eye contact.
6. When given the signal, find a new partner, stand back-to-back and
wait for your new questions, opinion, etc.
7. This may be repeated as many rounds as needed/appropriate.
Ed Tech Pot Luck!
Please use the short Google Docs
survey organize the Ed Tech you
brought to share. This form will be
shared with all OCTI members after
today’s meeting. After hitting
“submit” select “edit this response” to
share your answers with your table.
Ed Tech Pot Luck!
Using the Google Docs form to
guide you, please share your Ed
As you listen to others in our OCTI
community, feel free to take notes
for future use on the app of your
Ed Tech Pot Luck!
If you haven’t already done
so, please submit your
Google Docs form. We will
make this available on the
OCTI website for future use.
BARRIERS: Please discuss ways you have overcome these
obstacles or share ideas for doing so in the future.
No money to spend on new technology, new
apps, or iPads for all classrooms
No time to devote to learning how to use new
No support from administration or PLC team
No equipment to use, or limited iPads
No 100% guaranteed internet access via the
Oldham County server
No control over what students can access on
personal or school-owned devices
How can we overcome these barriers?
Talk with your schools.
Share ways you have
overcome these barriers by
commenting on this Padlet
Please title your post by
How can we overcome these barriers?
Talk with your schools.
Share ways you have
overcome these barriers
by commenting on this
Padlet wall.
Please title your post by
OCTI Learning Community
OCTI List serve
OCTI cadre in your building
Attend Innovate, Integrate, Motivate!
Your colleagues can be your greatest resource!
Goal: Explore and learn to use
one new piece of EdTech!
Convince people in your building to learn to use
technology in their classrooms by attending OCTI next
fall or Innovate, Integrate, Motivate this summer!
Create an EASELLY infographic (free app!)
Create a Tellagami animated presentation (free app!)
Create a ChatterPix Kids animated presentation (free app!)
Create a Powtoons animated video (free website!)
Next Steps
your ideas with our
Twitter community by
posting your video or link!

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