Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program (RBSVP)

Visitation Program
Trained Reps Visit Retailers who sell:
• Boats
• Boating equipment
• Fishing equipment and supplies
• Water Sport Equipment
• Bait
• Anything related to water
Visitation Program
RSVP Program Visitors are specially trained Auxiliary and Power
Squadron Members knowledgeable in many areas related
recreational boating safety, the Coast Guard and the missions of the
Auxiliary. . The objectives of the RSVP program include:
Visitation Program
Establish or enhance working relations between the Dealer,
the Coast Guard, and the Squadron & Auxiliary.
Use Dealers as points of contact for making the boating
public more aware of state and federal boating safety
Provide information regarding Squadron & Auxiliary Public
Education courses, Vessel Safety Checks, Membership, and
distribute handout materials.
Visitation Program
Benefits for Dealers
• Establish a "boating safety" image with the public.
• Keep Dealers up to date on the latest information and
programs of interest.
• Provide closer contact with the Coast Guard for
answers to questions that may arise.
• Conduct Dealer employee training.

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