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METR 2413 - Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology
Other upper air sounding
apart from radiosondes
University of Oklahoma 2004
 ACARS – Airline Communications Addressing
and Reporting System
 Automated weather reports from commercial
 Aircraft-based observations that provide vertical
profiles of wind, temperature and water vapor
on ascent and descent
Remote sensing from the ground
 Usually different systems for wind and temperature
 Wind profilers (based on vertically-pointing radar and
Doppler shift of return signal)
 Doppler radar – wind measurements from radar
 RASS – Radio Acoustic Sounding System (density
variations affect the speed of sound)
 Lidar – temperature measurements
(density variations reflect light)
Remote sensing from space
 Mainly temperature and moisture soundings
using infrared and microwave signals
 Both geostationary and polar orbiting satellites
 Vertical resolution is much coarser than
 GPS soundings – temperature and water vapor
profiles and total water vapor
(density variations refract radio signals)
System under development

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