История создания баскетбола

the past and the present
Student: Denis Vorona
Form: 9
School: 13
Teacher: T.N. Uradowskaya
The invention of basketball
James Naismith invented
basketball in 1891. He was a
teacher at Springfield Training
School in the state of
Massachusetts. He taught
sports and found there were no
interesting games to play
indoors in the winter months.
First game
 The first professional
basketball match was
probably held in Trenton in
1896. But before it a group
of players rented “Fox Opera
House” and invited the
team from UTIC with whom
they shared the expenses.
Basketball court
 The first basketball court
was 10.66 and 15.25
But nowadays it is much
bigger: 15.25 and 28.65
 In 1967 the league wanted to
forbid the dunks in games
but they were not able to do
this. If they had done this we
wouldn't have been able to
see such moments.
 The most important organization in the world of
basketball is NBA (National Basketball Association).
 It was created after the Second World War in 1946.
 At first, 80% of the NBA players were African by
 Every league has its own great
In NBA it is East VS West:
Boston VS Los Angeles.
It is considered to be the most
aggressive rivalry in the
history of NBA.
Los Angeles Lakers
 They became champions
16 times.
 Such basketball players as
Magic Jonson and Kareem
Abdul-Jabbar are
associated with LAL.
Boston Celtics
 They won the NBA Championship 15
times in the history.
 They are the only team who has never
changed the city.
 Larry Bird and Paul Pierce played in
 The emblem of their team contains
humorous portrait of e
Red Auerbach. He is the greatest manager
in NBA history.
Michael Jordan
 Michael Jordan has changed this
game. The league has become
much more popular thanks to him.
 Nowadays the beginners try to
imitate his actions.
 He could make every game
unbelievable and unforgettable.
 Now Jordan owns Charlotte
Bobcats and visits their every
 First of all, basketball in the USA is a great piece of
business. Every owner wants to gain great profit.
 In 1998 Lockout took place and the teams played only
half of the season. And the league lost millions. Ever
since managers try not to make such mistakes.
Basketball is not only NBA
 Today basketball is an international sport. Basketball is
also an Olympic sports today. In the Olympics countries
the best team are Spain, Russia, German.
Professional Basketball League
Basketball is also very popular
not only in the USA but also in
Russia. The Russian Basketball
Federation (RFB) has been
formed this year. The creation
of PBL helped to make our
local championship much
more exciting.
Are you ready to play

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