New South - Mr. Rogers' 8th Grade SS Class

New South
• Rebecca Latimer Felton supported women’s
suffrage (women’s voting rights), the
temperance movement (outlawing alcohol),
and what other cause?
• Georgia prison reform
• Which amendment to the Constitution
prohibited alcohol sales?
• 18th amendment
• Which amendment gave women the right to
• 19th amendment
• What was the name given to the laws that
kept white people and black people separate?
Following the principle of “separate but
• Jim Crow Laws
• What law allowed for smaller counties to have
the same or greater power then larger more
populated counties?
• The Neill Primary Act
– It was declared unconstitutional in 1962
– If the smaller counties united then their candidate
could win the election with less votes
• Which Supreme Court case made “separate
but equal” legal?
• Plessy vs Ferguson
• The KKK would use beatings, burnings, and
illegal hangings to keep African-American’s
from voting. What is the term for hanging
someone illegally?
• lynching
• The Bourbon Triumvirate helped improve
Georgia’s economy, increased economic
connections to the North, and reduced
Georgia’s war debt.
• However they were criticized for poor prison
and working conditions, continuing white
supremacy, and what other problem?
• Not helping the poor or increasing education
for the poor
• What new industry dealing with weaving
materials was expanded in Georgia with
investment from the North during the New
South period?
• Textiles (textile mills)
• Georgia’s abundant water resources, access to
railroads, good seaports, and growth of what
crop helped expand the textile industry?
• Cotton
• What Georgia business leader and
newspaperman created the term “New
• Henry Grady
• John and Lugenia Burns Hope believed that
African Americans should have equal access
and rights as white people, they helped
organize the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta,
and they were friends with what man who
founded the NAACP?
• W.E.B. DuBois
• Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois had a
similar goal, equality for all. However they
differed on how to get it. Booker T.
Washington believed that African Americans
should wait and equality would come over
time. W.E.B. Dubois believed equality should
come when?
• immediately
• The term “New South” refers to the south’s
gains during this time period because of
changes in society, race, agriculture, and
economic improvement because of ties with
what part of the country?
• The North
• Which term describes the use of prisoners for
labor by private businesses and industries?
• Convict Lease System
• Which reform movement worked to ban the
production and use of alcoholic beverages?
• The Temperance movement
• The populist movement supported a secret
(Australian) ballot, FEDERAL ownership of
railroads, graduated income taxes, and how
many hours in a work day?
• 8 hours
• Which populist politician supported the Rural
Freed Delivery bill?
• Tom Watson
• In 1908, what law stated that men were
eligible to vote only if their grandfathers had
been eligible to vote?
• The Grandfather Clause
• Requiring a poll tax, a literacy test, the
grandfather clause, and meeting a property
requirement to vote were all designed to stop
• African Americans from voting
• What man gave the “Atlanta compromise”
speech which said blacks and whites did not
have to mix socially, believed that equality
would come over time as blacks improved
themselves and became self-sufficient and
was head of the Tuskegee Institute?
• Booker T. Washington
• Of these 4 organizations which 1 was NOT
established to promote racial equality?
– Niagara Movement
– The National Urban League
– Ku Klux Klan
• Supreme Court decision approving
segregation or separate-but-equal status
• Plessy vs. Ferguson
• Who was the founder of one of the nation’s
largest African American-owned insurance
• Alonzo Herndon
• Who was the educator who gave “Atlanta
Compromise speech” on equality?
• Booker T. Washington
• Who was the educator who supported higher
education for “Talented Tenth”?
• W.E.B. DuBois
• Who was the Atlanta Journal writer who
campaigned for prison reform in Georgia?
• Rebecca Latimer Felton
• His views on Civil Rights “did a 180” and later
in his career he opposed all minorities
• Tom Watson
• Three powerful Democratic leaders who
wanted to expand Georgia’s economy and ties
with the industrial North while maintaining
white supremacy
• The Bourbon Triumvirate
• Henry Grady helped plan this 3 month long
event that brought numerous Northern
investors to the South in 1895
• International Cotton Exposition
• What was caused by increasing racial tensions,
and some believe that Tom Watson’s
newspaper articles added to the spread of
racial fears; Lasted 2 days until martial law was
declared to regain control of the city
• 1906 Atlanta Roit
• Northern Jew who was accused of killing a 13
year old child and was hung in front of Mary
Phagan’s house; this started the rebirth of the
• Leo Frank

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