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Home Visiting Stakeholders Meeting
Data & Evaluation
Michelle P. Hill
[email protected]
Departments of Education and Public Welfare | www.education.state.pa.us | www.dpw.state.pa.us
Baseline Data: Year One
(HRSA Reporting Deadline: 2/4/2013)
Baseline Data: Year One
• Initial data submissions due 8/31/2012
from grantees
• Many data quality issues
• Grantee call held on 10/16/2012: additional
training/clarifications on benchmarks
Next Steps:
• Follow up with sites re: data quality issues
• Full analysis of baseline data
• Aggregate data by sites, model, & state
• Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Data System
• Being developed by
• Initial stages of design
• Phase One: demographic, service utilization,
and benchmark data collection
• Similar layout to Excel document
Data System
Next steps:
• Include MIECHV grantees in future design
• Phase Two: Case Management System
Mother and Infant Home Visiting
Program Evaluation (MIHOPE)
• Kick-Off Training held in September
• 5 PA Sites currently participating:
– Berks Community Action Program (NFP & PAT)
– Community Prevention Partnership of Berks
County (NFP & PAT)
– Perry County Family Center (PAT)
– PinnacleHealth (NFP)
– SUM Child Development (EHS)
Mother and Infant Home Visiting
Program Evaluation (MIHOPE)
• Random assignment of families has begun
• Other states approved by OPRE and HRSA to
participate in MIHOPE: California, Georgia,
Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, & Wisconsin
Pennsylvania MIECHV Evaluation
• Requirement of MIECHV grant
• Assess the expansion of home visitation programs and their
effectiveness after implementation
• Conducted by PolicyLab: Center to Bridge Research,
Practice and Policy at The Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia (CHOP)
– Previously collaborated with OCDEL to conduct an evaluation of the
Nurse-Family Partnership program across Pennsylvania
– Mission: to improve child health and well-being by informing
program and policy change through interdisciplinary research.
Pennsylvania MIECHV Evaluation
• Goals:
– Understand the effect of the PA MIECHV expansion of NFP, EHS,
PAT, & HFA on maternal and child community health outcomes
– Analyze program effects for priority families (dual-language and
children with disabilities)
– Investigate geographic disparities of program utilization
– Explore the influence of site context and professional development
activities on program performance
Pennsylvania MIECHV Evaluation
Quantitative Data
Qualitative Data
• Enrollment and demographic
data on pre-MIECHV families
• Enrollment and demographic
data on MIECHV families
• In-person interviews
• Observations
– Link program enrollment data with vital statistics (birth and
death certificates), Medicaid data, & Welfare eligibility files
– Identify program participants
– Assess outcomes of home visitation programs before and after
Next steps:
Call with PolicyLab and grantees
Call with Stakeholders?

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