RSGB leadership in 1951

RSGB leadership in 1951
Seated (l to r) G3YD, G2MI, G5VM, G2WS (President), G6CJ (President Elect), G5LC, & G6CL
Standing (l to r) G2UJ, G6JJ, May Gadaden (Asst Secretary) G3AGM & G4DC (G4KD, G6TL and G6HD were absent)
Working for the future of Amateur Radio
► Work commenced in early January
2010 on the RSGB’s National Radio
Centre based at Bletchley Park.
► The Centre is a world-class showcase
for radio communications technology
► The NRC is not a museum but there is
a legacy area where outstanding
examples of amateur radio equipment
through the 20th century is exhibited.
► On unveiling the plaque, ED Vaizey, MP
said “The National Radio Centre will do
an enormous amount to spread the
knowledge about history of radio and its
continuing importance in the 21st
Working for the future of Amateur Radio
We have achieved much together in the last 100years!
The challenge that we face is to do it all again in the next 100 years!
Working for the future of Amateur Radio
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