Gifted and Talented Academy year 1

Administration and Supervision of
Gifted Programs
Weekend 1
February 25-6, 2011
Welcome and Introductions
Iowa Code
– Vision
– Mission
– Beliefs
 Program Goals
 Home Play
 Closure
Course Outcomes
 To deepen understanding of the components
of comprehensive gifted and talented
 To determine the extent to which g/t services
are infused in the total education program
 To construct and/or improve a written
comprehensive gifted and talented program
 To determine how to set priorities for g/t
programming and students served
Group Norms
 Talk freely - think out loud
 Questions establish a culture of
 Freedom to change your mind
 Connect to Iowa Core, previous
learning and district initiatives
 Support one another in the learning
Gifted and Talented Identification
What is it?
Why do it?
What then?
The Target Population
 Definition of “gifted”
 Multiple Criteria
State of Iowa Definition
General Intellectual Ability
Specific Ability Aptitude
Visual and Performing Arts
 With your team
 Review areas in your target population
 Talk about the assessments that help
you find kids in each category
 How is that working?
 What other assessments might you
Starting the Process
 Screening
– Use existing data sources
 Nomination/Referral
– Who may/should refer?
– How will they do it?
– How will they know they can?
Digging Deeper
 What stands out about the child?
 What more do you need to know?
– Cast a wider net
– No single piece of data screens a child “in” or
 Are the criteria valid for the construct being
 How will you analyze the information?
 At what point can you make a decision with
 Notification
 Consider the list of multiple criteria
 Identify which area(s) of giftedness for
which each would be a valid criterion
to consider.
 Are all the criteria appropriate at all
grade spans?
 Add other examples at the bottom.
 Share with someone you haven’t yet
worked with today.
 Which children need which services?
 Not about assigning a label
 According to need
Some Things to Ponder
 Once identified, always identified?
 Procedure for staffing out?
 Your questions?
Gap Analysis
With your team
1. Study Guiding Principles, Attributes That
Define High-Quality Identification
Procedures (p. 51-2), and SART results
2. Identify desired state
3. Outline your current identification
procedures (current state)
4. List steps needed to move toward desired
Home Play
 Write the identification plan for your
district OR evaluate the existing plan
against attributes on p. 52-3
 Share draft of Vision/Mission/Beliefs with
building/district GT teacher(s), GT
Advisory, and/or Administrative Team
– Get input
 Read chs. 9, 16, & 17 and journal
 Complete differentiated program section
of SA/RT
Home Play
 Choose some aspect of identification
that raises questions for you. Identify
those questions and research the issue.
 Prepare a short presentation for the
group to share the information and how
it fits for you into the bigger picture of
Next Weekend
 Friday 5-9; Saturday 8-6
 Location:
Chase Suite Hotels
11428 Forest Ave

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