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PAEasy User Guide
PAEasy starts with an easy-to-use dashboard which enables you
to start and monitor your personal study plan.
From the dashboard, you can set up your personal profile.
• Click on your name in the upper
righthand corner
• Select “My Profile”
• Enter in personal details including
academic interests, societies,
awards, or publications.
After you set up your personal profile, we suggest creating “My
Study Plan.” There are two ways to access this feature.
1. From the navigation menu
My Study Plan (continued)
2. From your dashboard directly
To create your study plan, first enter your expected test date. Then,
select a prep mode (relaxed, moderate, or aggressive), depending on
how much weekly time you can dedicate to your test preparation.
Test Date
Prep Mode
Once you have created your study plan, you can use this
resource to keep track of your progress and view future
From the navigation menu, you can access the Course Stream. This
tool allows you to collaborate with other users by posting or
responding to questions or comments.
Course Stream (continued)
To start practicing with questions, select “Start Practice” from
the navigation menu. Questions are modeled after official
PANCE and PANRE question formats.
1. From the navigation menu
2. From the dashboard directly
Once on the “Start Practice” page, you have two choices.
Choice 1: Adaptive Practice Quiz
Our adaptive algorithm will automatically select 10 questions for
practice. These questions will assess your strengths and weaknesses.
Choice 2: Create your own quiz by selecting question types
and learning objectives.
Learning objectives allow you to select “organ systems” and “tasks
areas” from the official test blueprint. Or, you can select “areas of
focus,” which will help you prepare for your core rotation exams.
All material reflects the latest content specifications from the
Each question is accompanied by a detailed answer
explanation, PANCE/PANRE correlations, associated topics,
and a difficulty level.
You can add personal notes to individual questions as you take
a test.
Or, start a discussion with other users about an individual
Your discussion thread will appear in the Course Stream, so
other users can read and respond.
If you believe there is a content issue with any question, you can
send us a report directly within the test engine. All reports are
reviewed by our subject matter experts, and content is updated, as
As you answer questions, you will receive recommended readings
based on your performance, which identify where you need
additional remediation.
These targeted remediation readings are from AccessMedicine’s
Lange Library.
View your results after completing a test and access solutions for specific
questions. The Quiz Performance Report highlights your overall
performance, as well as your performance on each quiz. Review the
solution for any question you have completed at any time.
If you stopped working in the middle of a quiz, you can use the Quiz
Performance Report to get back to it.
Your Skill Report gives a full analysis of your proficiency in each and
every concept tested by the PA.
Use the Proficiency Report to see how you compare to other
users in each blueprint area.
From the navigation menu, you can access the Flash
Cards feature.
These interactive flash cards allow you to test your knowledge
of core anatomy structures.
You will have the ability to enlarge each flash card by
clicking the expand icon.
You can label each flash card, then compare your
answers to the correct labels, using the reveal icon.
If you have additional questions about PAEasy,
please contact us at
[email protected]

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