Development of 2014-2019 Strategic Plan

Development of the 2014-2019
Strategic Plan
UNIS PA Presentation
Marc Powell – Chair
Strategic Planning Committee
UNIS Strategic Planning Committee
A sub-committee of the board of trustees – required per our governance rules
Board and Parents Members
Marc Powell – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Franck Barrat – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Britton Guerrina – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Adam Reeder – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Shuhrat Sulaymanov – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Maher Nasser – Trustee, UNIS Parent
Joan MacDonald – Trustee, former Parent
Dominic Gurney – UNIS Parent
Herve Houdre – UNIS Parent
UNIS Faculty and Staff Members
Jane Camblin – Executive Director
Sal Uy – Assistant executive director
Margaret Laczny Jones – Head of curriculum
Andrew Hand – Tut House Principal
Judith Honor – Queens Principal
Laura James – Communications
Jacqueline Jenkins – Junior School Principal
Robyn Schilling – Middle School Principal
Stephen Roache – Chief Financial Officer
John Nichols – Admissions
Laura Heffron -- Advancement
Where are we in the development of
the plan
• We are still at the beginning
• We have done a lot of work – mostly
consultation and analysis of the situation
• A lot more work will be done in the next 6
months – identification of actions
What is a strategic plan?
• It is NOT:
– An operational plan or a tactical plan
– Focused on quick fixes
– Focused on addressing issues that arise day to day
• What IT IS:
– A long term view of where we want to be
– A set of actions that we will be taking over 5 years
to improve our position
Development of the 2014-2019
Strategic Plan – How?
Conducted background work in 2012-2013
Performance benchmarking vs. other schools
Admissions and capacity analysis
College Admissions
Focus groups on key issues
Conducted extensive web-based Endicott survey in 2013 – all
– CIS accreditation
– PA parent survey and feedback
Development of the 2014-2019
Strategic Plan – How (II)
• Week long consultation workshops – Feb 2014
– Led by John Littleford and Associates – Consultants to independent
– Separate, 3 hour discussions with students, faculty, admin, PA,
parents, trustees, alumni
– Created a long list of issues
– Prioritized in day long workshop of trustees, faculty, admin, parent
• Resulted in the creation of 6 “Strategic Priorities”
– Endorsed by the board at our last meeting
Long list of Issues Identified
Master Plan updated and facilities renovations on
NYC Campus
Queens Campus renovations
Keep Queens Campus or not?
Board Goals for union/contract negotiations –
Organize/improved Modern Language Dept.
Major Capital Campaign for facilities
Building Endowment
Develop a Culture of Giving
Greatly increase the Annual Fund
Clarity of identity/Mission and Communication
of the same (UN, International, Independent
“A Better World” – Use and Meaning of the
Healing the culture and building trust and
confidence in Leadership
Improving communications with all
College placement/guidance – more Ivies?
More outside the US?
Leverage the UN connection – Broaden and
Joint discussion with Union on performance
assessment to reward good teaching/fix poor
Inconsistent teaching quality
Term limits for HODs
Hiring for excellence
Environmental sustainability
Build Alumni ties and loyalty
22. Strengthen HAR policies and procedures
23. Simplify the organizational structure
24. Online course work – create a digital presence
25. Develop more profit centers
26. Improve pastoral care
27. Value/cost ratio compared to other NYC
schools/Pricing and tuition planning/fees
28. Large class size compared to competition
29. Pre-school? Space?
30. Supporting Jane as new Head
31. Reduce leadership turnover (Too much churn at
the top)
32. Need for 21st century teaching tools and
33. New competition form Avenues and possibly
from new GEMS on Upper Eastside
34. Focus on technology and technology integration
35. Create an environment that builds more selfconfidence in the students
36. Enrichment Programs, e.g. after-school sports
and activities
37. Raise academic rigor overall
38. Attrition: after Middle School (leave due to
insufficient challenge); big loss after Grade 8
39. Queens feels like 2nd class citizen (build
40. Clarity around IB for students not suited to it
41. Better IB test scores/Sell IB status
42. Implement the PYP and MYP
43. More cooperation and alignment among
44. Build community across all levels – no meeting
45. Learning support issues – improve and increase
46. Reputation: “low-priced independent school”;
outcomes not competitive enough
47. Build sustainable financial aid model – raise
48. Teacher recruitment: cast a broader net,
advertise externally
49. Retain/recruit younger faculty (none younger
than 35)
50. Mentor new faculty
51. Personnel management, i.e., empty files
52. Need for overall educational philosophy
53. More innovation in curriculum
54. Lack of accountability (no consequences for
students or faculty – students cutting classes and
coming and going)
55. Scholarships: merit?
56. Significant financial aid to boost economic
57. Security issues
58. Staff has no union and feels inferior
59. Address socialization among students – nothing
is done to help the ostracized student
60. More academic benchmarks/college
placement/test scores
61. Board effectiveness and transparency and
communication with parents
62. What to do with $10 million Oman gift?
63. Crisis management – what plans in place?
List boiled down to six strategic priorities
1. Clarify and communicate the identity, brand and educational philosophy of the
2. Ensure that the academic programs possess richness and rigor through a
challenging, well-articulated curriculum and the development of a highly qualified
and diverse teaching faculty.
3. Work with faculty to establish a culture of accountability and a strong system of
teacher evaluation.
4. Review and update the campus master plan consulting with the UNIS community
to ensure that it supports best practices in 21st century education and a rich, wellrounded, student-centered curriculum.
5. Develop a comprehensive financial plan that includes strategies to increase the
endowment and the re-launch of a capital campaign.
6. Cultivate and leverage the relationship with the UN to a) help ensure financial
support from member states and b) to benefit the student experience.
Next Steps
Create committees on each priority– “write the 5 year plan for improvement”
– Each committee composed of a broad set of constituents
– Must identify key actions required, timeline, $, responsibility, metrics for
Expanded committees to meet several times before last (June) Board meeting
– Outline the plan, organize for writing, draft, review and finalize
Once approved by the board in June, plans will be turned into a compelling,
integrated presentation
– Over the summer
– Including board review
Aim to go public in September at the start of the school year
Expanded committees will be disbanded after this effort
Feedback is always welcome
Please reach out to me directly, through Jane, or
through PA

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