Ch. 11: Age of Imperialism 1800-1920

Unit 4:
Industrialization and Nationalism
Imperialism: the act of one nation/people
extending its control/influence over that
of weaker nations/peoples, socially,
politically and/or economically.
Sec. 1:
The British in India
Setting the Stage
A. By late 1700s, Europe began moving into
Asia and Africa
B. Made possible by…
1. Superior technology (esp. weaponry)
2. Previous empires in these areas were becoming
Reasons for European Expansion
in Asia and Africa
1. Superior Technology
A. Steam-powered gunboats, repeating rifles, machine
guns, railroads, etc.
Hiram Maxim and his early machine gun
2. Weakening Empires
A. Mughal Empire (India) after 1707
B. Ottoman Empire (Turkey & Middle East) during
C. Qing Dynasty (China) by late 1700s
British East India Company
The British take Control
A. Br. East India Co. (privatelyowned) took over from
Mughal Empire & ruled India
by 1800
B. Changes made to Indian
society strained relations
1. Est. schools to teach
2. Banned some Indian
customs (sati)
3. Pushed Christianity on
natives (Hindu)
2. Sepoy Rebellion (1857)
A. Sepoy = Indian soldiers in
British army
B. Problem over British
cartridges greased in pork &
beef fat; broke into full-scale
C. Resulted in British govt.
taking control from East
India Co.
D. Worsened relations
between Indians and
India as a British Colony
1. The Raj (rule)
A. Britain governed India through the Indian Civil Service
B. Allowed Indians little to no say
C. British saw themselves as superior
D. British saw their rule as beneficial
 Erected railroads, canals, roads
 Education, missionary work
Rise of Indian Nationalism
1. Indian Frustration
A. India being exploited for raw materials
B. Prejudice & exclusion from govt.
2. Ram Mohun Roy (1820s)
A. Argued for Indian pride & civil rights
3. Indian National Congress (1885)
A. Pushed for more participation in ICS
B. Became more radical in early 1900s due to
perceived attempt by British to partition India
C. Boycott of British goods (swadeshi movement)
D. British gave in to certain demands

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