Fashion Show Background Vocabulary

Fashion Show Background
Chapter 2
Apparel Mart
centers located in major
cities throughout the United States
leasing space to manufacturers
expensive alternative to
designer fashions
Consumer Show
presented to the consumer
forward apparel category at
a price-point between bridge and
Cooperative Fashion Show
and manufacturer show in
which both parties share expenses
of original apparel designs
and the ready-to-wear apparel
category with the highest pricepoints
Fashion Trend Show
produced to introduce
consumers to latest trends in
silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and
themes of new seasonal merchandise
Fashion Week
time when many designer
collections are brought together and
shown as a series of fashion shows
Formal Runway Show
presentation of fashion
similar to a parade, featuring a series
of models who walk or dance on a
runway in a sequential manner
Haute Couture
high fashion industry
featuring clothing produced from a
client’s made-to-order measurements
Informal Fashion Show
presentation of garments and
In-Store Training Fashion Show
show presented to train
store personnel coinciding with
fashion trend shows
appropriate to the younger
Magazine Tie-In Show
fashion shows between
major fashion publications and
individual retailers
Mannequin Modeling
in a store window or on a
display platform by live models who
strike similar poses to the stationary
display props for which they have
been named
Market Calendar
dates of trade shows
known as market weeks
Market Week
designated for producers of a
specific category of merchandise to
open sales on the season’s new styles
looks available at
better, moderate, or budget price
Press Show
show held specifically for
the press to preview the fashions
before public viewing
Production Show
dramatic or theatrical
production type, may also be called a
dramatized or spectacular show
Special Interest Show
presented to consumers that
have special affinity with each other
or a unique vocation
Specialty Market Show
geared to a specific, narrowly
defined group of consumers
Tea-Room Modeling
fashion show presented in a
restaurant where models walk from
table to table displaying garments
activity aimed at distribution of
fashion and related products within
the industry
Trade Association
of individuals and businesses
acting as a professional, nonprofit
collective in meeting common
Trade Fair
trade shows
Trade Show
of manufacturers presenting
their lines to retailers and press one
to four times each year
Trunk Show
fashion show that features
garments from one manufacturer or
designer at a retail store

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