Welcome to the QMplus Community Forum

Welcome to the QMplus
Community Forum
Examples of innovative uses of QMplus
Chris Miles in the School of Business and Management uses 'Freemind' to
augment his lecture . 'Freemind' is embedded in QMplus and is free to use.
Presenting Course Content with the Book Tool
Prof Karim Brohi uses the book tool to present structured learning material
on his Masters course in Trauma Science.
Generate a Graduate Attributes Profile for your Module using the GA Widget
Alex Tompkins and Oliver Trampleasure have developed a widget that allows
academics to generate a pre-formatted page of Graduate Attributes tailored
specifically for a module.
The result is a pre-formatted page of Graduate attributes associated with
your module or programme
Developing Communication Areas for a School in QMplus
Mathew Mauger and Richard Coulton in SED have developed a series of
interconnected 'Zones', based on Moodle course areas, where different
parts of the School of English & Drama can communicate. Each zone has its
own branding, pre-made groups for emailing, docs and contact info
Monitoring Student Attendance in an innovative way
Linnaea Stockall in SLLF adds a Feedback activity into each weeks online
activities in QMplus. By answering the question students have registered
their attendance and provided valuable feedback to inform module
Delivering Content to multiple courses from a central location
The Institute of Dentistry has placed all their module handbooks into a
central course and linked to them from all the others.
Adapting template elements to suit local needs
Chris Sparks, History, has adapted the HSS template Assessment
information area to include a clearly signposted coversheet and a special
area for Associate students.
Using Multimedia to teach Evidence-based Decision Making
Dominic Hurst, Institute of Dentistry, has found that QMplus allows video
to be embedded easily onto the coursepage.
Using a Wiki as a reflective tool for formative assessment
Ruth Ahnert, SED, gets her students to post brief responses to a question
which she then comments on herself.
Creating a gallery of images for your module
Markman Ellis, SED, has a visual glossary of a range of images pertaining to
18th century London arranged into categories. in the glossary tool.
Displaying a gallery of images for discussion
Matthew Mauger, SED, has set up a gallery of images using the 'lightbox
tool', these form the basis of the discussion in the week one seminar.
Capturing feedback during the semester
Rob Ellis, SED, evaluates the seminars in the module he teaches on by using
the feedback tool.
Introducing up to date resources and debate into the module homepage
Rob Ellis, SED, has embedded a Twitter stream on Medieval London into his
Module home page.
Using QMplus as an interactive repository of student performances
Martin Welton, Drama, has set up a glossary where students can upload
videos of their performances, add key words, and allow other students to
Capturing student feedback on a WWI Module
Dan Todman, History, uses the feedback tool to capture students
reflections of their learning every fortnight
ENTER THE STUDENT CAFE: Discussion forum
Gary Schwartz, Medicine and Dentistry, provides an online discussion area
to foster the sense of community and encourage participatio in a distance
learning programme.
Using the workshop tool for Peer Assessment
Warren Boutcher, SED, gets his students to submit a reflection on a piece
of text from their studies then QMplus randomly assigns that submission to
another student to review .
Recorded Course Welcome Message
Ioannis Goutos, Medicine and Dentistry, introduces his distance learning
students to their course area
Embedding pre-packaged e-learning modules into QMplus
Bertille Calinaud, HR, has developed an online module Equality and
Diversity. The package (SCORM) features a number of lessons and contains
auditing tools
Making engaging content and giving structure with the Book tool
in The MSc Burncare course, Moodle books are used to deliver segments of
course content. The pages have a consistent look and feel and have been
received enthusiastically by students.

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