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Hockey Notes
6th grade
• High sticking -Any time your hockey stick blade
comes above your waist
• Slap shot - A long shot with a back swing and a
follow through
• Goal - worth one point and counts when the puck
crosses the goal line
• Wrist shot - a player uses a flicking motion to
move the puck with little or no back swing or
follow through
• Floor hockey was developed as an adapted form
of ice hockey to play on the streets.
7th grade
• Dribbling - using both sides of the blade to
control and move the puck
• Face-off - game begins with the puck being
dropped between two players in the center circle
• Slashing - Intentional or unintentional hitting with
the stick and blade
• Tripping/hooking - you use the stick to trip or
hold an opponent from playing the puck
8th grade
• Goalie - protector of the goal who uses their hands,
feet, and stick to stop the puck
• Guard - defensive player who tries to keep the puck
out of their defensive area and cannot go across the
center line
• Forward - offensive player who works with their
center in scoring goals and cannot go across the center
• Center - player that may travel the entire court,
playing offense and defense
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Hockey Playing Area
Center circle
Faceoff line
Goal box
Center line
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