Green Open Access as a global solution? Some reflections

Green Open Access as a global
Some reflections based on the PEER Project
Chris Armbruster
Research Associate, Max Planck Digital Library, Max Planck Society
Executive Director, Research Network 1989
Author page:
Publishing and the Ecology of European
Research (PEER)
• Project partners agree to disagree but cooperate in
large-scale Green OA experiment.
• 60.000 articles become available for OA archiving as
„Version 2“: more than 240 quality journals from STM
publishers across the disciplines (incl. SSH), filtered
for EU content, subject to varying embargoes.
• Shared objectives centre on determining increases in
access, effects on journal viability, readiness to
deposit, costs to participants, wider effects on
ecology of research, possible models of co-existence.
• More information:
Some highlights
• The PEER Depot: a central node for deposit
and distribution to repositories;
• Direct publisher & author deposit to Depot of
so-called Version 2;
• A rich set of comparisons and contrasts for
usage based on logfiles;
• In-depth study and wide survey of
behavioural consequences and attitudes;
• Detailed examination of costs to repositories
and publishers, as well as authors and users.
Some challenges
• The non-trivial consequences of large-scale
deposit for repository and publisher
management, funding & policy.
• The struggle for relevance: delayed access
(embargo); version control
(authoritativeness); visibility and usage.
• New readers? Public access as Public
Understanding of Science? Or as Public
Teaching & Learning?
Recent publications and working papers
Beyond Institutional Repositories
(with Laurent Romary). International
Journal of Digital Library Systems
1(1) (forthcoming, 2010). Available
at SSRN:
Whose Metrics? On Building
Citation, Usage and Access Metrics
as Information Service for Scholars.
Learned Publishing 23(1)
(forthcoming, 2010). Available at
Comparing Repositories:
Challenges and Barriers for SubjectBased Repositories, Research
Repositories, National Repository
Systems and Institutional
Repositories in Serving Scholarly
Communication (with Laurent
Romary) (November 23, 2009).
Available at
The European Research
Conundrum: When Research
Organizations Impede Scientific and
Technological Breakthroughs
Despite Targets, Money and Policy
to Foster These Activities (October
27, 2009). Available at

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