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EMTA General Meeting
Putting Cities at the Heart of the
EU Agenda
Geoff Inskip, Centro
October 9-10th 2014, London
Introduction – Mr President
Martin Bekker - Amsterdam
Stephanie Priou - UITP Perspective
David McNeil - The City Agenda
• Discussion and Debate
Growing Cities
• 50% of the world’s population live in cities and
in 2050 projected to be 75%
• Cities are the junction boxes of economic,
political and cultural exchange
• 100 cities currently account for 30% of the
world’s economy, and almost all its innovation
• Cities are the crucible of change - they
increasingly have greater impact than national
Growth and Cities
• Our Cities compete in Global economy
• Public Sector reforms
• Crucial cities reach their full economic
• Cities are the crucible of change - they
increasingly have greater impact than national
Growing Cities - Threats
• Overcrowding
• Ageing population
• Increased carbon emissions, poor air quality
and pollution
• Strain on service provision and delivery
• Strain on existing transport infrastructure
• Strain on water and energy infrastructure
Growing Cities - Challenge
How can we give our citizens
Great mobility
Liveable cites
Provide jobs and housing
All in a Sustainable Way
Role of Transport in Cities
• Evidence shows Transport Connectivity plays a
crucial role in driving the regeneration and
growth of cities.
• Not just “to and from” our cities but also
• Transport also help address the challenges of:
‒ Tackling congestion
‒ Addressing emissions and air quality
Role of Transport in Cities
• TfL - “Crossrail is not just a transport
scheme; it is the key to the next 20
years of London's economic
• Birmingham-“HS2
rebalance the economy kickstarting
growth and regeneration in the
Need for a Plan or Pipeline of
Investments - Sustainable Urban Mobility
Successful Principles
• Long term political commitment
• Effective Governance
• Selling the vision
• Strong links with land-use planning and
economic development
• Long term funding commitment
Integrated Mobility Plans
• Wider plans designating public transport as
the backbone of sustainability, linking with:
• Land use planning/housing
• Environment
• Energy
• Social services
• Health
• Skills agenda
A New Delivery Model?
• Transport schemes should primarily be
evaluated by the impact on economy (GVA,
productivity) and its interaction with local
policies eg housing, jobs
• Cities should have long term sustainable
capital investment plans linked to SUMP
• Locally determined long term funding model
needed linked to beneficiaries of Transport
• A key factor in major EU cities success is
international) enabling them to attract talent
and inward investment.
• Cities will be the drivers of our economy and
therefore our wealth and job creators
• They should be encouraged to have joined up
transport policy plan (SUMP) and one which
prioritises sustainable economic growth

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