PB Works for Students and Teachers: An Online Site for

Ms. April Geltch
CJUSD Librarian
September 29, 2010
 1.
Sign up for PB Works Account
 2. Create a folder for each academic
 3. Upload files inside appropriate folder
 4. Add as many additional features as
you like.
 5. Be careful when inviting friends and
classmates to view your site. Give URL to
1. Create a PB Works Acct. (same as
student information)
2. Create a Page for Each Class Period
3. Insert a two column table
A. One column for student name
B. One column for student PB works
acct URL
4. Have students save “Word” files with
specific assignment name + date
1. Create second PB Works Account
2. Create appropriate folders, links,
images, etc.
3. Give students access to site.
4. Determine permission levels (writer

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