Food for you Australian Curriculum version

Food for You
Australian Curriculum
Let’s hear from ACARA
What’s happening in Victoria
• Noted Technologies: Design and Technologies curriculum released
• Follows a decision by the Council of federal, state and territory education
ministers that the curriculums should be made available to states and territories
for their use.
• Schools can start preparing and making changes
• Let’s embrace it
Understanding the Australian
Curriculum (AC)
• Food specialisations
- 4 contexts: our study is about Food specialisations, a little on Food and fibre production.
• General capabilities
- Literacy
- Numeracy
- ICT capability
- Critical and creative thinking
- Personal and social capabilities
- Ethical understanding
- Intercultural understanding
Understanding the Australian
Curriculum (AC)
Cross curriculum priorities:
• Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
• Sustainability
New terminology
• See glossary of terms
• Glossary of verbs
Health and PE incorporated in Food and Tech curriculum
Learning the lingo of the AC
Glossary of Verbs
Analyse Consider in detail for the purpose of finding meaning or relationships, and identifying patterns, similarities and differences
Apply Use, utilise or employ in a particular situation
Calculate work out the value of a mathematical or arithmetical procedure
Categorise To classify by labelling or giving a name to
Compare Estimate, measure or note how things are similar or dissimilar
Demonstrate Give a practical exhibition an explanation
Describe Give an account of characteristics or features
Design Plan and evaluate the construction of a product or process
Develop To elaborate or expand in detail
Discuss Talk or write about a topic, taking in to account different issues or ideas
Learning the lingo of the AC
Design brief A concise statement clarifying the project task and defining the need or opportunity to be resolved after some analysis,
investigation and research. It usually identifies the users, criteria for success, constraints, available resources, timeframe for the project and may
include possible consequences and impacts.
Design processes Processes that typically involve investigating; generating; producing; evaluating and collaborating and managing to create a
designed solution that considers social, cultural and environmental factors. In Design and Technologies technologies processes includes design
processes and production processes.
Design thinking Use of strategies for understanding design problems and opportunities, visualising and generating creative and innovative ideas,
and analysing and evaluating those ideas that best meet the criteria for success and planning.
Designed solutions In Design and Technologies, the products, services or environments that have been created for a specific purpose or
intention as a result of design thinking, design processes and production processes.
Learning the lingo of the AC
Environmental sustainability Practices that have minimal impact on ecosystem health, allow renewal of natural systems and value
environment qualities that support life.
Food specialisations A technologies context focused on the application of nutrition principles and knowledge about the characteristics and
properties of food to food selection and preparation; and contemporary technology-related food issues
healthy eating dietary patterns that aim to promote health and wellbeing including the types and amounts of foods and food groups which
reduce the risk of diet-related conditions and chronic disease
Producing Actively realising (making) designed solutions using appropriate resources and means of production.
Production processes In Design and Technologies the technologies context-specific processes used to transform technologies into products,
services or environments, for example the steps used for producing a product.
Learning the lingo of design for
the AC
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• Give it a go!
How is this edition different?
• Strong links to ethics and sustainability
• Healthy eating focus
• Significantly more use of ICT for student devices
Let’s Collaborate
Design Solutions
Investigate it
ICT for student devices
• Pinterest
Encourage students to develop their own digital portfolio
Check this one out
The Food book that you know and
What’s the same:
• Design briefs – easy to use
• Student tested recipes – same old favourites with a twist
• Career profiles (Book 2)
• Tasty trivia – for engagement and discussion
Design briefs – easy to use
Student tested recipes
Some old favourites with
a twist
Career profiles
Tasty trivia – for engagement and
Written for students
• Visual
• Engaging
• Interactive
• Student friendly
• Productions clearly identified
• Supported activities
• Fun consolidation techniques
Written for students
• Student friendly
• Productions clearly identified
• Supported activities
• Fun consolidation techniques
Understanding the pressures of
the classroom
• Requires little preparation from you
• Design briefs clearly set out
• Updated terminology
• Create differentiation in the classroom – higher order questioning
• Course outlines available including learning intentions
• Pick up and go
Understanding the pressures of
the classroom
• Easily structure your lesson:
• Goal or learning intention identified
• All focus areas explained
• A range of student friendly activities, for all learners
• Review, summary and text knowledge
Thank you!

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