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The Lolly Game
The Lolly Game
Image Credit: Sonwill
“…the lines didn't represent coasts or rivers or political
borders, but real human relationships… It's not just a
pretty picture, it's a reaffirmation of the impact we have
in connecting people, even across oceans and borders...”
What’s citizenship?
Civics and citizenship - Rationale
The Civics and Citizenship curriculum aims to reinforce
students’ appreciation and understanding of what it
means to be a citizen.
It explores ways in which students can actively shape
their lives, value their belonging in a diverse and dynamic
society, and positively contribute locally, nationally,
regionally and globally.
As reflective, active and informed decision-makers,
students will be well placed to contribute to an evolving
and healthy democracy that fosters the wellbeing of
Australia as a democratic nation.
Year 6 Civics and citizenship
 Who can be an Australian citizen, the formal rights and
responsibilities, and shared values of Australian
 The obligations citizens may consider they have
beyond their own national borders as active and
informed global citizens. (ACHCK039)
Rockstrom, Sachs, Ohman & Schmit-Traub (2013) Sustainable Development & Planetary Boundaries.
What’s a global citizen?
How is this global citizenship?
 A couple of options:
 The ‘Warrior Princess’
 Slacktivism
 “Do Something, but do it with competence”
“In our world today, our businesses, our
governments, our churches, our schools…our
communities need active global citizens – people
who have developed these critical competencies and
leadership skills. It doesn’t just happen by accident.
Too often global travel is conflated with global
citizenship. That is such a poor shallow substitute.
And it should never be assumed that an extended
service experience will automatically equip someone
with the attitudes and skills of a global citizen.”
Aaron Ausland
Team Australia
“We have grown more comfortable in our own skin,
whatever colour that may be. And we are relaxed in
knowing that there is more than one way you can be
Tim Soutphommasane
What’s Global Education?
“Enabling young people to participate in a better shared
future for all is at the heart of global education.
Global education promotes open-mindedness leading to
new thinking about the world and a predisposition to take
action for change. Students learn to take responsibility for
their actions, respect and value diversity, and see themselves
as global citizens who can contribute to a more peaceful,
just and sustainable world”
Global Perspectives: A framework for global education in Australian Schools
Commonwealth of Australia, 2008
• The good life road
• Ernie’s search for work
• The election
• Living on less than $1.25
• The web of poverty
• Guidance for teachers about
fundraising and partnerships
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