Emmett Till Character Monologue

Emmett Till Character Monologue
• Choose one of the following characters.
• Write a short (1-page max.) monologue that
includes at least 10 facts from your video
notes. Underline the ten facts in your script.
• Do not simply restate the facts. Respond to
the facts as though you are the character,
given their role in the murder and/or the trial.
Try to capture their voice and attitude through
word choice and style.
Characters list
• Moses Wright or Willie
Reed on the train to Chicago
• A European reporter
• Mamie Till in Chicago
• Roy Bryant
• A Jury Member
• A fellow traveler on the
train (black or white)
• His editor back home
• Members of the NAACP
• His wife or children
• A close friend

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