Piscataway Summer Camp Grades 1-8

Piscataway Summer Camp
Grades 1-8
What you need to know to have a
great summer!
Mission Statement
The Piscataway Board of Education Summer
Camp is a recreational summer program for
boys and girls ranging from toddlers through
eighth graders. Led by Certified Teachers, our
Summer Camp offers a safe, supportive
environment providing campers with a variety
of fun activities and an opportunity to learn
valuable skills and make life-long
A certified, well-trained staff is the key to our
* certified teachers for each and every group of
* Qualified aides and mature, experienced
college and high school aides round out our staff.
* Leadership Team
Whether you enjoy outdoor or indoor activities, Piscataway
* Summer Camp has something for everyone!
* Before care from 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
* From 9 a.m. to 12 noon, campers attend two
enrichment classes, including such things as archery,
crafts, cooking, sports, and technology!
* At 12:00, we all gather for lunch.
* The afternoon is dedicated to swimming, bowling,
movies, or in-house shows.
* “Fun Fridays” at Piscataway Summer Camp mean all day
field trips to places such as: a water park, the zoo, or the
Where is camp?
The Piscataway Summer Camp is located on the
campus of Piscataway High School. The campers
have use of state of art technology labs, fully
stocked kitchens, a 750 person theater, and
much, much more!
Piscataway Summer Camp is located at:
Piscataway High School - East Wing
100 Behmer Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Doors #29 and 30
Dates and Times
June 27 to August 24
No camp Wednesday, July 4.
Early drop off begins daily at 7:00 a.m. at doosr #29 and 30
All campers grades 1-8 are able to enroll in enrichment classes
Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Lunch Mon.-Thurs. 12:00-12:45 p.m.
Daily Activities Mon- Thurs. 12:45 – 6:30 p.m.
Friday- Full day trips drop off NO LATER THAN 8:30AM
Pickup at Horsehoe EVERY FRIDAY by 6:30PM
* A late fee of $10.00 is charged for each quarter hour, or part thereof, after 6:30 p.m.
Weekly Routine
7-9 a.m. –Early drop off/before care
9 a.m.-12 p.m.- Enrichment classes
12 p.m. -6:30 p.m. – Camp Activities
• Monday: Color Wars and Mini-Golf
• Tuesday: alternating weeks Roller Skating,
Movies, Bowling, Ice Skating
• Wednesday: Swimming at Rutgers Pool
• Thursday: On site activities
• Friday: Full Day Trips
What if my Camper is also in Academy
or Sneak Peak?
• When the program starts at Conackamack and
King, you will drop your child off there for “before
care.” Transportation will not be provided to
Conackamack and King.
• At 9:00AM, The King children will be walked to
their classes and at 9:30AM, the Conackamack
children will be walked to their classes.
• A camp bus WILL pick up the campers from
Summer Academy and Sneak Peak and bring
them to camp for lunch.
Campers will need:
Everyday: Sunscreen, water, snacks and sneakers
Tuesday and Friday: Yellow Camp Shirts
Wednesday: Bathing suit and towel
Friday: Yellow Camp Shirts along with any
supplies listed on the weekly trip sheet.
• Lunch will be served Monday-Thursday in the
school cafeteria between 12 and 12:45 p.m. Hot
lunches as well as bagel bags, yogurt bags, and
PB&J sandwiches will be served by Sodexho Food
• Friday trips: All campers must have a disposable
lunch, additional drinks and snacks. The entire
lunch, including the bag, must be disposable.
• The June and July lunch menus will be available
after June 4 on the summer camp website.
What happens if my child gets sick?
• We have a nurse on duty to provide basic first aid. Since we are a
mobile camp, please try to keep your child home if he/she is not
feeling well.
• Camp follows the same wellness policy as the Piscataway School
District. All students must be fever free for 24 hours before
returning to camp.
• If your child is taking medication please remember to download the
medication administration release form on the website. The
medication administration release form must be signed by the
prescribing physician. Keep all medication in original packages and
write your child’s name clearly on all medication.
What are the policies on swimming?
Swimming at lakes and beaches is part of our camp program. Please speak with
your child about the following:
All of the children will receive a camp shirt. For easy identification in large crowds,
they must wear this shirt on all field and beach trips. For lake/beach trips, have
your child bring a complete change of dry clothes. They will be wearing their camp
shirts into the water on all trips.
Waterproof suntan/bug lotion with a sun block of 15 or higher is recommended.
Please apply before your child leaves home. Counselors and aides can assist
children upon request.
Please send your child with extra water or sports drinks on trip days.
Please pack your child’s lunch with as little disposable paper as possible. Garbage
collection at state parks is minimal; whatever the children take in, they take out.
NO glass containers.
Your child must listen to directions from staff members and lifeguards. No child
leaves a beach or lake area without being accompanied. All children must be
accompanied to rest rooms and snack areas.
Swimming Pools
• Rutgers has two pool depths. 2 ½ ft and 5 ft.
• Only campers who are able to swim a lap or walk
the length without their head being submerged,
as observed by a lifeguard, may swim in the deep
pool. Each child who passes the swim test will
receive a swim band identifying them as being
able to swim in the deeper pool.
• All counselors and aides, as well as Rutgers
lifeguards monitor the campers in the water.
• Bathing suits MUST be worn in the pool.
What are the bus rules and policies?
Because we travel often, there are a few common sense
procedures that we want the children to follow. Please note, due to
circumstances beyond our control, buses may return back later than
originally expected. Please review these rules with your child.
• Seatbelts MUST be worn at all times.
• Children should remain in their seats while the bus is in motion and
feet should be kept out of the aisles. If a teacher/counselor has an
emergency to tend to, they need the aisles to be clear. In addition,
if the driver has to stop suddenly, a child could be hurt if not totally
behind the seat in front of him/her.
• Eating and drinking on the bus are not permitted. However, if the
need arises, the teacher/counselor will use their judgment in
making an exception.
• A calendar of camp trips and activities is
continually updated on
• Information regarding trips will be posted
weekly at the camp office.
• Please read carefully all postings carefully, as
not all campers go on the same trips.
Friday Trips
June 29: Funtown Pier; Seaside NJ
Grades 1-8
July 6: Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom; Allentown, PA
Grades 1-8
July 13: Freedom Fest State Fair; Allentown, NJ
Grades 1-8
July 20: Beach Trip; Sandy Hook, NJ
Grades 1-8
July 27: Camel Beach Waterpark, Tannersville, PA
Grades 1-8
August 3: Tomahawk Water Park and Lake; Sparta, NJ
Grades 1-8
August 10: Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA (Grade 1)
Dutch Springs, Bethlehem, PA (Grades 2-8)
August 17: Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, NJ
Grades 1-8
August 24: Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park, West Berlin, NJ
Grades 1-8
Frequently Asked Questions
• When do they need to wear their camp shirt?
– EVERY Tuesday and Friday. Check weekly calendar for specific events when
shirts are needed.
• Can they bring money on trips?
– While it is not recommended for most trips, speak to your child’s counselor
weekly to see if there is a need for money for snacks or souvenirs on specific
• Can I come?
– Yes! There will be a sign-up sheet in the office each week if you would like to
attend a trip; however, only campers and staff members may ride the bus. You
are more than welcome to follow along in you own car.
• Can my child bring toys and electronics from home?
– Our daily schedules keep the students entertained and busy, so bringing toys
from home is not necessary and not recommended, but allowed at your own
risk. We are not responsible for lost personal items.
• Can my child bring cell phones/iPods?
– Yes, with parental permission. Appropriate use/music
Contact Information
Lilia McDermott- Enrichment Supervisor
(732) 715-3610
[email protected]
Kim Georgeian - Camp Supervisor
(908) 839-0631
[email protected]
Judy Collins – Camp Nurse
[email protected]
Camp Office
[email protected]
Administration Office - 732 572-4688

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