2015 Cookie Training Presentation

Girl Scouts
Heart of New
Jersey 2015
Dana Shapiro
Nancy Giordano
Peter Cridge
Service Unit 72 Cookie Managers
[email protected]
Initial Order Taking Period
Troop Orders Due on eBudde
Goal Getter Orders
Cookie Delivery to Hillsborough
Booth Sales
First ACH Pull (50%)
Second ACH Pull (Balance)
February 2nd - 25th
February 27th at 11:59pm
February 26th – April 26th
TBD – March 21st or 28th
March 21st - April 26th
April 14th
May 5th
How many boxes of Cookies did SU 72 sell
in last year’s initial order?!
TRIVIA 1 - Answer
28,956 boxes
Yes the cookies
come to us on a
big 18 wheeler!
What’s New for 2015?
Cookie Varieties:
NEW Rah-Rah Raisins (Oatmeal Raisin)
NEW Toffee Tastic - (Butter cookie with toffee pieces)
Gluten Free
 Only available via Cookie Cupboard sales, and NOT
during initial orders
 Limited Availability
Thank you Berry Munch and Dulce De Leche discontinued
Digital Order Card (DOC) – ONLINE Selling
Girls can sell to family/friends who live far away! Cookies are
shipped directly to buyer, not to Girl Scout seller
5 for 5
Sell 5 boxes to a customer, customer can win 5 cases of cookies
and troop can win a pizza party
What is the most interesting fact
TRIVIA 2 Answer
Thin Mints are (and have
always been) vegan!
The recipe has not changed!
What Stays the same for 2015?
Cookies remain $4 a box; Toffee Tastic Gluten free
cookies are $5 a box
Initial orders will be in full cases
Gift of Caring (GOC) donations will be sent directly
to operation Shoebox
No Cookie Returns
Opt Out
 Cadettes can now join Seniors and
Ambassadors to opt out of incentives and
receive higher proceed amounts! (Girls are still
eligible for patches)
Troops earn from $0.65 - $0.75 per box of
cookies sold depending on # of boxes sold
per participating girl
With Incentive Opt Out, troops earn
between $0.70 - $0.80 per box of cookies
sold, depending on # boxes sold per
participating girl
Troops must notify council by February 20th via email at [email protected]
Why did the cookie go to
the doctor's office?
It was feeling crummy
Each envelope contains one Pink 2015 Cookie Program Information Guide and all of
the info/documents for each of the girls in your troop:
 Trifold Cookie Program Family Guide
 Goal Getter Order Card
 Order Form
 Money Envelopes
 Receipt Booklet (one per troop)
The 2015 Cookie Program Information Guide has 99.99% of the answers you will need
to conduct a successful troop cookie sale!
For the 00.01% of questions that may remain – please contact Dana, Nancy & Peter
via email at: [email protected]
 Please allow up to 48 hours for responses
Cookie Manager Prep!
Go into eBudde and ensure Cookie Manager contact
information is UP TO DATE! If not, please make
necessary corrections
COMMUNICATIONS to Cookie Managers will come via
eBudde!!! Don’t miss out on important information!
Go into eBudde and enter your Banking Information,
including bank name, routing number and account
number - no later than February 1st
Rules for selling:
Each girl must be a registered Girl Scout for 2015 or she
cannot participate in the sale – please ask your Troop
Leader to remind the family to register her
Each girl must have a signed permission form
returned to the Troop Cookie Parent or Leader
Why did the cookie cry?
Because his mom
was a wafer so long
Booth Sales
 Booth
Sales continue as they have in the past
 Booth
Sales are from March 21st-April 26th
weekends: April 3-5; April 10-12; April 17-19; April 24-26
 Sign
up will be done at the February Leaders’
Meeting and not be scheduled via eBudde, as
stated in the 2015 Cookie Program Information
How many booth sales did SU72 do in 2014?
TRIVIA 3 - Answer
51 (out of 313 time slots)
That means only 16% of
time slots were used
Guide to
Log In Information
Email Address – the one you used to register
Temporary Default Password is [email protected] (case sensitive)
First Time users will have to change password to a permanent one
There is a MANUAL for your use!
Highlight your troop and choose Settings
Choose Edit Settings
Scroll down to “Cookie Chair” – Do not edit any other section
If you are adding a new Cookie Chair, you can add the information here. If
you are changing Cookie Chair, you have to remove the person by selecting
the ‘remove’ choice
After your change, choose ‘update’’ on the bottom of the screen
Choose Contacts
Choose Edit and update the
Cookie Chair Information
Then choose Submit at the
bottom of the page
What is a monster’s
favorite cookie?
Ghoul Scout Cookies
Updating Bank Information
Choose Settings and Edit Settings to
update the Bank Name, Account Number
and Routing Number
Then choose “update” at the bottom of
the page
Distribution Day Pick Ups

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