Trig Applications

Trig Applications
Identify and distinguish between angles of
elevation and angles of depression
Draw diagrams and use trigonometric ratios
to model and solve right triangles in applied
Example #1
Fiona has been locked in a tower guarded by
an evil dragon and Shrek needs to save her.
The only way to get to her is through a window
which is 90 feet above the ground. While
Shrek was taking a class at The Home Depot
to learn how to paint his house, he learned that
a ladder should be placed at a 65° degree
angle with the ground. How long must the
ladder be in order for Shrek to reach the
Example #2
An airplane rises vertically 1000 feet over
a horizontal distance of 1 mile. What is
the angle of elevation of the airplane’s
Example #3
The pilot of a plane flying 5000 feet
above sea level observes two ships in
line due east. The measurements of the
angles of depression are 30° and 39°.
How far apart are the ships?
Lesson Check
Answer questions 1-8 on page 518 of your
Page 511 (28, 29, 33-38 all) and
Page 519 (10-16 evens, 17-24 all, 33, 34)
That’s only 22 problems!
Closing Activity

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