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Outcomes for the HSPI Plenary Session
• Goals of the HSPI project
• Who is involved in the HSPI project
• Explanation of how to access the activity
The HSPI Project:
An Overview
The High School
POGIL Initiative
Developing innovative
resources for chemistry
and biology instruction
in secondary schools
Funded by The Toyota USA Foundation
HSPI Leadership Team
• Rick Moog, Project Director
Franklin & Marshall College, PA
• Laura Trout, Editor in Chief
Lancaster Country Day School, PA
• Megan Hoffman, Content Advisor (biology)
Berea College, KY
• Jim Spencer, Content Advisor (chemistry)
Franklin & Marshall College, PA
• Ellen Yezierski, Project Evaluator
Miami University, OH
• Cindy Wingenroth, HSPI Coordinator
The POGIL Project, PA
Goals of the HSPI Project
• Create a national network of high school
teachers implementing POGIL activities
• Write, review, and classroom-test POGIL
activities for First-Year and AP Biology and
• Train high school teachers to facilitate POGIL
HSPI Goals:
Network of POGIL Users
• Three summer meetings to
train partners in the writing,
editing, and classroom
facilitation of POGIL activities
• Monthly HSPI newsletter
(The HSPI Bond)
• Web-based Classroom
Implementation Guide
• Online support sessions
(Elluminate classroom)
HSPI Goals:
Activity Writing
• HSPI editorial board
members and
partners submitted
activities, using the
HSPI topic list.
• Teachers outside of
the HSPI group were
also able to submit
activities for review.
HSPI Activities:
The Review Process
Clearly defined process to move activities through a review
cycle, including all necessary forms, paperwork, systems
and personnel to:
• Submit
• Review
• Revise
• Classroom Test
• Approve for publication
The HSPI Activity Collection, Volume 1
• Biology: about sixty activities,
divided into AP and First-Year groupings
• Chemistry: about sixty activities,
divided into AP and First-Year groupings
• Look for an announcement on the POGIL
website with full details about how to purchase
the collection, around January 2012
The HSPI Activity Collection, Volume 1
Subject Area Topics Included
Nature of science, experimental design, particulate
matter, structure of atom, naming & formulas,
bonding, gases & states of matter, solutions, kinetics,
equilibrium, organic, measurement, electron
arrangements, periodic trends, mole & stoichiometry,
themodynamics, acids & bases, redox, nuclear
Nature of science, experimental design, biochemicals,
body systems, cell processes, cell structure, evolution,
ecology, genetics, homeostasis
HSPI Goals:
Professional Development
• Partners and Editorial
Board members
presented workshops
during each year of the
• The HSPI Project is
developing a collection
of materials for
workshops, to address
the needs of secondary
school teachers
Attend POGIL/HSPI Workshops at
Or contact the POGIL office to host/sponsor
a POGIL/HSPI workshop in your area.
HSPI Editorial Board
• Paula Butler (CH), Cincinnati Country Day School, OH
• Leigh Foy (BI), York Suburban High School, PA
• Diane Krone (CH), Northern Highlands Regional
High School, NJ
• Pat Ligon (CH), Broughton High School, NC
• Joanne Long (BIO), Franklin Township School District, NJ
• Susan Richardson (BIO), Wichita East High School, KS
• Amanda Zullo (CH), Saranac Lake High School, NY
HSPI Editors-at-Large
• Megan Hoffman (BIO), Berea College, KY
• Elizabeth Mancini (BIO), Cherry Hill High
School East, NJ (retired)
• Linda Padwa (CH), Stony Brook University, NY
• James Wakefield (CH), Chempractice, OR
HSPI Partners, Chemistry
• Mahesh Alur (IL)
• Stef Katz (PA)
• Mary Bartholomew (CO)
• Rhoda Rush (GA)
• Tom Cork (NY)
• Marcia Sprang (CA)
• Sally Craven (KY)
• Tracy Suggs (NY)
• Melissa Hemling (WI)
• Mare Sullivan (WA)
• Carrie Jacobus (NJ)
• Bruce Wellman (KS)
• Romina Jannotti (FL)
HSPI Partners, Biology
• Audrey Armoudlian (MI)
• Linda Dukes (GA)
• Grace Ford (FL)
• Michelle Lawrence (MO)
• Christine Sands (NY)
• Krista Seanor (NJ)
Questions and Wrap Up

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