GST605 Nursing Research

Nursing Research
Fall 2013
Amy Schleigh Hayes
Technology & Electronic Resources
(973) 290-4258
[email protected]
Topic Outline
 Starting Point: Nursing Subject Guide
 Finding Books via CoolCat, WorldCat
 InterLibrary Loan
 Searching library databases, finding scholarly
journal articles, dissertations
 Searching the web, finding academic content
Starting Point for Nursing Research
Finding Books
 Searching CoolCat:
CoolCat is the online catalog that CSE and FDU share. You can
limit your search to CSE only, or search across both (and
borrow books from FDU as well).
 Use the Call Number to Locate the Book:
 Books on nursing, medicine and health are found in the 610619 range. These are located upstairs in the left wing.
(Exception are reference books, which are in the Reference
Room on main level of the library.)
What if you don’t find it?
 WorldCat
WorldCat searches across many of the academic, public, other libraries
throughout the United States, and beyond. It is useful for identifying
books relevant to your research, even if we don’t have them at CSE.
 Nearby Libraries:
 Reciprocal Borrowing at other NJ college libraries:
 How Do I…Request/Borrow from Other Libraries?
Forms available for book request and article request
Articles via Library Subscription Databases
 Online & Print Journals List:
Use this if you have the article citation or know the name of the journal.
 Databases A-Z List:
Use this to go straight to a database, if you know the name.
 Databases by Subject:
Use this to identify databases appropriate for a given subject.
 Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory:
Use this to determine if a journal is peer-reviewed or not.
Key Multidisciplinary Databases
 Reference Content see Encyclopedias & Reference page
Health Reference Center from Facts on File
Reference USA
(directory of healthcare organizations and professionals)
Gale Virtual Reference Library:
see especially Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine & Health
 Periodical Articles see Databases by Subject page
Academic Search Premier (70% scholarly, many FT)
ProQuest databases
Omnifile Full Text Mega
SAGE Premier Journals (scholarly)
Lexis Nexis Academic (for news, not scholarly)
 Streaming Video see Databases A-Z page
Films on Demand- contains nursing/medical videos
Key Subject Databases
 Health
Sciences, Medicine & Nursing
with Full Text
 MEDLINE/PubMed (Ebsco or NLM)
 Nursing @ Ovid
 Health Reference Center
 Science Direct
 Nursing Resource Center
 ProQuest Health & Medicine
 Education
 Education
Research Complete
 Education
Full Text
Database Searching Techniques
 Take a look around, see what your options are
 Keep your searches simple
 Zero in on the key words and phrases for your topic
 Don’t use small, unimportant words like the, in, this, that, on, etc.
 Use limiters as appropriate
 Scholarly (peer-reviewed), Full Text, Date, Number of
 Be aware of what you’re searching
 If you’re searching the entire document text (keyword), your results
may be too broad
 If you’re searching article title only, your results may be too narrow
 Try to search the subject headings (also called descriptors
in some databases) or abstracts (article summary)
Medline, PubMed, which one is it?
Medline Basics
 What’s the difference between Medline and
 PubMed Tutorials
 What is MeSH?
 Journal Title Abbreviations
Online Guides and Tutorials
 Ebsco databases (CINAHL, Medline, etc.)
with Full Text Search Guide
with Full Text Help Sheet
 PubMed
 Training Materials from the National Library of
Key Nursing Journals
 American Journal of Nursing
 Applied Nursing Research
 Archives of Psychiatric
 Journal of Nursing Care
Critical Care Nurse
Critical Care Nursing
Journal of Advanced Nursing
Journal of American
Psychiatric Nurses
Journal of Christian Nursing
(in print)
Journal of Nursing
Journal of Professional
MCN, American Journal of
Maternal Child Nursing
Nursing Administration
Nursing Clinics of North
Nursing Management
Nursing Outlook
Nursing Research
Journals on Nursing Education
All of these journals are available online
International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship
Journal for Nurses in Staff Development
Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
Journal of Nursing Education
Nurse Education in Practice
Nurse Educator
Nursing Education Perspectives
Also of possible interest: New Jersey Nurse, Nurse Leader, Nurse Researcher
Online & Print Journals List
Look up the name of a
journal or magazine, to find
out if we have access to that
journal. The results screen
will give you links to any
databases where we have full
text, as well as list the dates
Putting databases to work for you
 Journal Alerts
 When you find a particularly useful journal, sign up to have
future tables of contents emailed to you
 Search Alerts
 Same here – Get new results of your search e-mailed to you as
they are added to the database
Databases that offer Alerts
Science Direct
Dissertations & Theses
 ProQuest
& Theses
Over 1 million
available as full
text download
Research on the (free) Web…
…How do you get to the good stuff?
 Think about website domains
.edu, .gov, .org, .info, .net, .com, .biz, .uk, .de, .jp, .mx
 Familiarize yourself with key organizations and
government agencies in your field or area of
interest …,…and search within
those domains
 Think about file formats: .pdf, .ppt
Research reports online are usually in pdf
Web Search Tools:
More Tips for Finding Academic Content Online
 Think about currency – Google and Bing allow you to
limit your search by date
 Try scholarly/academic search tools
 Google Scholar
 Scirus
 Government agencies, think tanks, nonprofits, educational
institutions, and other organizations release research reports
regularly. Use these sites to filter through them by topic.
See ‘Health and Health Care’.
DocuTicker DocuBase:
Web Search Tools:
Analyzing Results
 The best resources will not always or often appear in the
top 5 results.
 Results depend on terms and limits used, quality of
indexing or metadata, general functionality of search tool
 There is less overlap across search engines than most
people think…i.e., Google ≠ the web
 Use multiple strategies –different sets of search terms,
different limiters (i.e. format or domain), and multiple
search tools.
Web Search Tools:
A few sites to start with…
 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Nursing
National Institutes of Health Directory of Organizations
Medline Plus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Healthy NJ
 See Nursing subject guide for more helpful sites
Review and Practice
1. Background information on Alzheimer’s disease
2. Dissertation from College of Saint Elizabeth on
3. Full text of these two articles:
Buchan, J. (2013). Nurses’ turnover: reviewing the evidence,
heeding the results? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 69(9):19171918.
Nielsen, B., McMillan, S., & Diaz, E. (1992). Instruments that
measure beliefs about cancer from a cultural perspective. Cancer
Nursing, 15(2):109-115.
Set up a journal alert for Journal of Nursing Education
A report on Medicare…
Statistics on infant deaths in NJ and Morris County
List of area medical centers and doctors
Keep in Touch
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