New Jersey Regions by Rianna - Pompton Lakes School District

The Regions of New Jersey
By Rianna
Atlantic Coastal Plains
 The Atlantic Coastal Plains is the largest region of all the 4 regions of New Jersey.
 Much of the Atlantic Coastal Plain is made up of farmland. It includes rich soil and low
plains which helped New jersey earn its nickname “The Garden State.”
 The Atlantic Coastal plain is known for the Pinelands.
 In the Atlantic Coastal Plains, farmers grow fruits and vegetables, including blueberries,
the state fruit of New Jersey, cranberries, and the famous Jersey tomato.
 The marshy wetlands and sandy beaches are home to a great variety of animal and plant
life. About 200-300 types of plants, birds, and other animals come together in New
Jersey’s wetlands.
 The Piedmont region has the most population of all of New Jersey.
 About 3,000,000 people live in the Piedmont region of New Jersey
 The New Jersey’s state capital, Trenton, is located in the Piedmont region.
 Pompton Lakes is in the Piedmont region of New Jersey.
 The Highlands is just north and west of the Piedmont region.
 Rocks in the Highlands are found nowhere else on earth. Some rocks glow! Franklin, a
town in the highlands is famous for the glowing rocks.
 Some lakes in the Highlands are reservoirs. Reservoirs
is a natural or human-built lake used to store water.
 Lake Hopatcong is the largest lake of New Jersey.
Ridge And valley
 The Ridge and Valley region of New Jersey is a part of the Appalachian Mountains
which run from Maine to Alabama.
 It is hard to raise crops in the region’s rocky soil.
 More than 25,000 cows deliver
milk, butter, and cheese for New
 If you get a
milk at school, it’s
definitely from a
New Jersey cow. A state law says that only New Jersey dairies can sell milk to our state’s
Fun Facts about New jersey
 New Jersey is known as the diner capital of the world.
 New Jerseyans’ favorite season is the Fall.
 The game Monopoly got its street names from Atlantic City.
 The tallest water tower sphere in the world is in New Jersey.
 New Jersey’s state flower is the purple violet.
 New Jersey’s state tree is the Red Oak Tree.

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