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Everyone dreams of a lavish wedding, but few can afford it.
To have a wonderful wedding, there is no need to break the
bank. It just requires good planning within your budget.
Wedding experts from Colonial Inn in NJ suggest
ways to plan your wedding and save money.
• Get a clear understanding about whether your family, your
partner and partner’s family are willing to contribute to the
• Sit with them and discuss how much you can afford.
• Divide all the elements of the wedding, like wedding venue in
NJ, dresses, flowers, and gifts to decide how much to spend
on each.
Guest List
• Make a guest list, and consider inviting only immediate family
and close friends.
• Instead of professionally designed and printed invitations,
send emails or design and print your own invitations.
• If you opt for printed invitations, then choose a simple design
and avoid multi-layers and bulk.
• A bridal salon is not your only option for a dress. There are
several alternatives to finding a beautiful gown, even a
designer gown.
• eBay, Craigslist and second-hand stores have beautiful
designer gowns at a fraction of the cost.
Wedding Venues, NJ
• For wedding event venues in NJ, you can choose a nontraditional venue, such as a garden, vineyard, community
center, or home of a friend or family member.
• These locations are free or very low cost.
• Use fake flowers.
• If you want to use real flowers, then order blooms that are inseason. You can also order loose stems and make the
• Make a playlist of songs for your special day, and play it on
your iPod, iPhone or other system.
• For live music, ask a musician friend or hire musicians from a
music school to play at your ceremony.
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