Caring People*.Helping Others - Family Assistance Resource Center

Caring People….Helping People
To provide emergency, economic and material
resources, as well as, educational, vocational
and career assistance to individuals and families
(especially those in crisis) to strengthen and
empower them to live sustainable independent
 Dr. Walter Campbell, PhD
Vice Chair
Vice Treasurer
President & CEO
 Marcina Fox
 Winsom Thomas-Hinton
 Tyrone Dorsey
 Sonny Adablah
 Roger Hinton
William Asante
Jamal Barnes, Esq.
Dorothy Booker
Dr. Dorothy Douge, PhD
Stanley Lambert
Edward Marable, Esq.
Dr. Clark Philogene, MD
Rev. Dr. Terry Richardson
Doris Walker
Earnest Williams
Programs & Services
Fire & Natural Disaster Emergency Response Program
Clothing Assistance Program
Furniture & Household Appliances Assistance Program
Food Assistance Program
Transition Housing for Fire Victims Program
Veterans Support & Assistance Program
No Senior Left Behind Program
Youth Education & Training Program
Health & Wellness Program
Careers & Vocation Program
Sports & Physical Fitness Program
 A fire has a traumatic impact on individuals and
families. According to the National Child Traumatic
Stress Network (NCTSN), “Once safely outside, the
family faces more problems, such as where they will
find immediate shelter, food, water, money, sufficient
clothing, and permanent housing.”
 Since 2010, FARC has been there to assist families in
such time of need.
Fire at 399 Lincoln Avenue
Fire guts Three-Family
Home on Linden Place
in Orange
Two days after FARC responded to
the Main Street fire, we were called
to action to assist the families of this
Linden Place home.
FARC Responds to the needs of..
Families: FARC recognizes that not all families in need are homeless. Our
experience in working in the communities we serve is that families are struggling to
regain footing and to remain afloat as the economy slowly recovers. These families
need the assistance of food, clothing, replacement furniture and other basic living
Immigrants: Our nation ‘s was built on the collective contributions of
peoples who came from other nations to these shores in search of the freedom.
FARC stand ready to provide assistance to all families and individuals in their time of
Veterans: FARC assist veterans as they transition back into civilian life by
providing clothing, furniture, food and job referral assistance.
Seniors: Many Seniors are living alone and on fixed incomes, they are in need
of seasonal clothing, food, replacement furniture and a social network.
100 hundred middle income families left homeless after major fire at 399 Lincoln Avenue, Orange, NJ
Hurricane Irene floods homes in Cranford and Patterson , New Jersey
Fire on Mum Street in East Orange takes life of Grandmother and four year-old grandson. (City of East
Hurricane Sandy leaves families with out food , heat and electricity for two weeks
45 people left homeless after fire on Main Street, Orange, NJ (City of Orange)
Fire on Linden Place, Orange leaves 3 families homeless (City of Orange)
Fire on Williams Street in East Orange leave several families and individuals homeless. Two pastors
hospitalized with burns at St. Barnabas Hospital (Pastor Paul)
Family on High Street in Orange left homeless by early morning fire (Orange High School)
Bathroom pipe burst in Irvington apartment destroys family furniture and clothing. (Pastor Paul)
Young mother in Newark with two month old baby request furniture assistance (Pastor Paul)
Newark -Bed bug infestation in apartment building leaves family of six without clothing, furniture and
household furnishings. (Newark Ministers Alliance)
East Orange -Veteran left with out clothing and furniture as a result of bedbug infestation in building. (Rose
FARC Responded!
September-2010: Orange 5-alarm blaze leaves 100 residents homeless – 399
Lincoln Avenue
October-2011: Hurricane Irene damage is Staggering in Cranford and
Patterson, New Jersey
June-2012: 3-Alarm Fire in East Orange – 50 S. Munn Street
A 55-year-old woman and her 3-year-old grandson were killed after a three-alarm fire
broke out in East Orange, N.J., Sunday night, officials said. The fire started shortly
before 9:30 p.m. on the seventh floor of 50 South Munn Ave
October-2012: Hurricane Sandy Wrecks Havoc Across Northeast
November 2012: Fire on High Street in Orange leaves family homeless.
December-2012: Large 4- Alarm Fire Breaks out at 214 Main Street in Orange
March 2013: -Fire on Williams Street in East Orange leaves several
families homeless.
FARC Comforts & Supports
Ms. Brown’s new apartment
before FARC
Provides for Others in Need
Father from Main Street fire receiving donation of bedding, clothing, shoes,
cookware, dishes, bed and dresser from FARC.
Fire Victims Receive Donation from FARC
Men from the Main
Street fire in Orange
load new mattress ,
box spring, and
bedroom furniture
and other items from
FARC’s warehouse in
FARC Board Members are Active Volunteers
Board Treasurer Tyrone Dorsey and Trustees Dorothy Booker and Marcina Fox help in
the packing and distribution of Thanksgiving food boxes.
Trustee Booker has been one of our
most active trustees. She commuted
from Plainfield on several occasions
monthly to assist at the warehouse.
She often brings with her volunteers
from her community as well as
provide assistance through FARC for
needy families and individuals in her
Plainfield community.
FARC Trustee Dorothy Booker presents gift
donations she collected and purchased for our
Christmas distribution.
President Roger Hinton delivers Christmas gifts to family on Main Street.
FARC delivers Christmas
presents to Main Street
fire victim family.
Trustee Edward Marable and
daughter Honor, collected, sorted
and wrapped over one hundred
Christmas presents for distribution to
Main Street, Linden Place and Ogden
Street fire victims.
FARC volunteers
delivers Christmas to 3
fire victim families in
West Orange
Honor and Judah Marable join Rose
Simms in bringing Christmas cheer
to Roger (grey sweat shirt) and the
three other families.
FARC volunteer transports Easter Food boxes donated by
Evangel Church to families in need.
Volunteers staff member from the Valley Settlement House in West Orange assist
FARC by delivering food to Settlement House families.
FARC Provides and Promises
“In times of crisis…we will be there and
when the storm subsides we will still be
by your side.”
-President Roger Hinton
Feeding Others
Trustee Dorothy Booker delivers donation of food, toiletries and baby diapers
she collected and donated to FARC for Main St. & Linden Place fire victims in
Orange, New Jersey.
FARC Volunteers Pastor Esther Dietrich and Cardinal Johnson of Evangel Church
packing donated clothing for distribution to Hurricane Irene victims.
FARC collects new & gently used clothing of all sizes.
Living Room
Dining Room
FARC receives unusual donations. Every donation has a recipient, the bear
claw slippers and the size 16M shoes found a pair of waiting feet.
Picture of our Volunteers
FARC’s Volunteers are caring people helping others in
FARC’s Volunteers
FARC Youth Volunteers
Rev. Andrew Rooney and volunteers
from his Newark based congregation
assist FARC in sorting and packing
clothing at warehouse.
Volunteer Cardinal
Cardinal frequently travels from
Plainfield to assist FARC in packing
clothing for distribution . He also
picks up clothing donations left at
Evangel Church in Scotch Plains and
delivers them to our warehouse in
Alan Noel’s collection of clothing donations
Alan Noel, CPA supports the mission of
FARC as a volunteer, by reaching out to
corporations for clothing donations.
FARC’s Student Volunteers assist at warehouse
Students from Newark church
volunteer at FARC’s warehouse to
assist with sorting donated clothing.
FARC accepts clean, gently used and
new clothing for distribution to
families in need, including veterans
and senior citizens.
Dave & Saddie Durham travels from South Jersey to
donate sectional couch to FARC.
Dave and Saddie Durham made their
second trip from Exit 6 on the New
Jersey Turnpike to make a donation
to FARC. A few weeks earlier, they
used the same trailer to bring a
donation of several boxes of
FARC responded to the needs of both Hurricane
Irene and Sandy. We assisted the Assemblies of
God’s Convoy of Hope and FEMA’s Hurricane
Sandy Relief distribution efforts in Newark. We
provided food and clothing assistance to the New
Jersey Shore families and supplied food for
families in Orange, East Orange and Newark that
lost power due to the storm.
Denver Hinton
Roger Hinton
FARC partners with other nonprofits to provide assistance to
those in need. Through our
relationship with Bridges, we
share clothing resources to meet
specific needs.
Testimonials & Thank You
During the time period of 2010-2012, FARC received
numerous thank you letters and testimonials from
thankful families, individuals, community leaders and
government officials.
From Mayor Dwayne E. Warren, Esq.
Dear Mr. Hinton,
Happy New Year!
In the aftermath of two fires in our city, several families were left homeless
and lost most, if not all of their possessions. On behalf of the residents of The City of
Orange Township, I thank you and the Family Assistance Resource Center for assisting
our residents with donations of food, clothing and other resources during their
extraordinary time of need.
The devastation of fire is extremely exhausting, your organization’s
assistance, helped these families and our family of residents find peace in a troubling
time of need.
again, we thank you for your support.
Mayor Dwayne E. Warren, Esq.
City of Orange Township
A “Thank You” Letter
Dear Mr. Hinton,
Thanksgiving is a time for sharing but after Super Storm Sandy, many of our families were
wondering when they would be able to restock their panties and refrigerators, including
The many families you help each day, are truly grateful to have dinner for their families this
Thanksgiving Holiday. On behalf of those families, I would like to say, thank you. For your kind
donations and generosity .
“This was indeed a miracle” one mom was on her the last meal in her pantry. Yes, miracles
come in many forms and for her that was a miracle, because after the Storm, she had to
empty her refrigerator of all the spoiled food. Everyone was extremely grateful
And that you were able to help in their time of need.
Again, Thank you. God’s riches blessings upon you , your family, your organization and your
church family.
Mrs. Nerine Plummer, Heywood Avenue School PTA
Letter from East Orange City Councilwoman
Mrs. Sharon Fields
Dear Mr. Hinton,
I want to thank you, and your organization for assisting Delores Brown. It was
an extremely difficult time for this young woman who lost her mother, and four
year-old son in a fire at 50 South Munn Avenue where she lost everything.
The assistance with the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and all the necessities
needed to start over were truly appreciated. The donations will help but not
take away the pain of her loss, but will give some hope to her knowing that
people care. The fact that you were diligent in making sure everything was
delivered, and worked with her until everything was set up was wonderful.
Knowing that there is an organization like yours is a blessing and relief for me so
when tragedies like this occurs there is somewhere people can turn too.
From Assistant Principal, Dana D. Gaines
Orange High School
Dear Mr. Hinton,
I want to thank you and the Family Assistance Resource Center for
organizing and providing the opportunity for Orange High School students to attend
the 10th Annual Women’s Business Leadership Conference hosted by the National
Minority Business Council. Orange High School has been committed to developing
entrepreneurship in the creative minds of our young student. And with the support
from organizations like F.A.R.C. our students are given access to platforms to which
they may otherwise not have.
On October 25, 2012, a small group of Orange High School female achievers
who are interested in pursuing a career in the business world participated in a
conference which promised to deliver insight and support towards their aspirations.
Needless to say, the promise was delivered with an exceptional successful event.
Some of the commentary offered by our student attendees includes the following:
* “I never knew that Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks
can be used to promote your business. That was really insightful.” --- Queen Pratt, 12th
Continuation of Mr. Gaines letter of November 30, 2012
* “The number of people who gave me their business card and offered to
support me was amazing.” ---- Amanda Timran, 11th grade
* “The seminar on creating a business plan gave me a lot of great ideas that I
will use when looking to start my own business.” --- Ivory Whitaker, 11th grade
* “I left the conference knowing so much more about starting my own business
than when I entered. We need to have more of these opportunities.” --- Sherley Docelian,
12th grade
As these student testimonials attest, our group of Orange High School students
thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left with valuable and powerful insight into the world
of entrepreneurship. Again, on behalf of Orange High School, I want to thank you Mr.
Hinton for your guidance and supervision and for the support of F.A.R.C. in the
development of Orange High School’s future generation of entrepreneurs.
Dana D. Gaines
Assistant Principal, O.H.S.
“We are Caring People….Helping People.”
Telephone: 973-573-2305 Email: [email protected]
You too can help by supporting FARC with a tax deductible
financial donation. Mail your check today to:
Family Assistance Resource Center NJ
P.O. Box 12
South Orange, NJ 07079

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