Unit 4 Overview

Unit 4:
• W.2 Informational Writing (Page 45 CCM)
• RI.8 Reading to evaluate validity and relevance (Page 40 CCM)
College and Career Ready Students:
 Demonstrate Independence
 Build Strong Content Knowledge
 Respond to the Varying Demands of Audience, Task, Purpose,
and Discipline.
Comprehend as Well as Critique.
Value Evidence.
Use Technology and Digital Media Strategically and Capably.
Understand Other Perspectives and Cultures.
Each Unit, you will have a number of quizzes and tests
HSAP Bell Work is due bi-weekly
Homework is due each Thursday
A Writing Portfolio – This Unit, Your Portfolio should include:
1. Formal Summary With Citation
2. Letter – (Friendly or Business)
3. Constructed Response – Short Essay
4. Extended Response
5. PPT
Grammar Notes/ Reading Notes and Response…. will also be graded.
HSAP 4.1
Excerpt from: A Gigantic Feat: A Drama Elizabeth Kibler
MOM: Sometimes the best way to get over a fear is to face it. Perhaps
we should try to climb the mountain so that Jeannette can tackle her fear.
Do you think it would intolerable for you, Jeannette?
JEANNETTE: (with a look of trepidation) I don’t believe I would be very
excited during the ascent, and I may not reach the apex; yet, I would
savor the astonishing panoramic views. But what if I lost my composure
and chose not to climb with you? I would be loath to jeopardize your trip.
Q1: Which BEST describes Jeannette's tone in this line from the
A)terrified and petulant
B)excited and exhilarated
C)unhappy and complaining
D)fearful yet struggling to be brave
Q2) Define Tone:
Check your Work
Q1: D) Jeannette's tone in
this line is fearful yet
struggling to be brave.
The stage directions
indicate that the line is
said "with trepidation,"
meaning "with fear"--yet
Jeannette is also aware
that she may be able to
climb this mountain with
her family and enjoy the
panoramic views.
Q2) Tone
This is the attitude that an
author takes toward the
audience, the subject,
or a character.
Excerpt from: The Birthmark
Nathaniel Hawthorne
1 One day, very soon after their marriage, Aylmer sat gazing at his wife with a trouble in his countenance
that grew stronger until he spoke.2 "Georgiana,'' said he, “has it never occurred to you that the mark upon
your cheek might be removed?''3 "No, indeed,'' said she, smiling; but perceiving the seriousness of his
manner, she blushed deeply. "To tell you the truth it has been so often called a charm that I was simple
enough to imagine it might be so.''4 "Ah, upon another face perhaps it might,'' replied her husband; "but
never on yours. No, dearest Georgiana, you came so nearly perfect from the hand of Nature that this
slightest possible defect, which we hesitate whether to term a defect or a beauty, shocks me, as being the
visible mark of earthly imperfection.''5 "Shocks you, my husband!'' cried Georgiana, deeply hurt; at first
reddening with momentary anger, but then bursting into tears. "Then why did you take me from my
mother's side? You cannot love what shocks you!
Q3) Which pair of words best describes Georgiana’s reaction to her
husband’s suggestion that the birthmark be removed?
A)embarrassed and coy
B)angry and distressed
C)puzzled and bewildered
D)overwhelmed and compliant
Q4) Define the term experience.
Q3) She is both angry
and distressed. Once
she realizes that he is
serious, she
"momentary anger"
and then begins to cry.
Q4) experience
 This is the name for
what is gathered
through the general
process of living, or for
the process itself.
Excerpt from: Journal Entry of Jerome Dunkin’ Duncan
Mary O’Dell
Dear JD Journal,
I just figured out that life really is a journey. Lame, right? - but yesterday was the best day
ever! I realized how far I have come, and how far I have to go. As far back as I can remember,
I have always loved sports, especially basketball. It’s just me and Pops now, since Mom died
when I was eleven. Six years have passed and I hate that my memories of her are fading. She
was so beautiful, with an easy smile and a kind heart. She was always ready with a proverb
or clever phrase. Sometimes her voice still echoes in my mind:
“Jerome, the longest journey begins with a single step, so get moving-but remember to thank
those who helped get you there.”
Q5) A passage written in diary format should be written in which point of view?
A)first person
B)second person
C)third person limited
D)third person omniscient
Q6) Define Point of View
Q5) A passage written in
diary format must be
written in A) first
person point of view.
Since a diary is
documentation of
someone's personal
experience, that
person must write it
himself or herself.
Q6) Point of View
 This is the perspective
from which a story is
Excerpt from: No Fear Tracy Wilson
Austin loved baseball, like fish love water, but he felt his asthma had probably kept
him from reaching his full athletic potential. He knew today’s practice would be
tough, for tomorrow was a big game. He was right. It was rough, and Austin and
several others weren’t at the top of their game today. Coach Tanner firmly patted
Austin’s shoulder as they headed for the dugout. “You’ve got to stop using it as a
crutch, and let it go son.” Coach said in a firm, low voice.
Q7: What is the setting of the passage when Coach Tanner tells Austin not to
let his fears dominate his life on the baseball field?
A) a math class.
B)Austin’s room.
C)a baseball field.
D)Coach Tanner’s home.
Q8) Define the term setting
Q7)C Since Austin is at baseball practice, the reader
should infer that the setting is a baseball field.
Q8) Setting
 This is the time and place in which a literary work
HSAP Questions of the Day
Excerpt from: Pygmalion
by George Bernard Shaw
HIGGINS W e l l ! ! ! [Recovering his breath with a gasp] What do you expect me to say to you?
THE FLOWER GIRL Well, if you was a gentleman, you might ask me to sit down, I think. Don’t I tell you I'm
bringing you business?
HIGGINS Pickering: shall we ask this baggage to sit down or shall we throw her out of the window?
THE FLOWER GIRL [running away in terror to the piano, where she turns at bay] Ah-ah-ah-ow-ow-ow-oo!
[Wounded and whimpering] I wont be called a baggage when I’ve offered to pay like any lady.
Motionless, the two men stare at her from the other side of the room, amazed.
[gently] What is it you want, my girl?
THE FLOWER GIRL I want to be a lady in a flower shop stead of selling at the corner of Tottenham Court
Road. But they wont take me unless I can talk more genteel. He said he could teach me. Well, here I am
ready to pay him--not asking any favor--and he treats me as if I was dirt.
Q9) Which pair of adjectives BEST describes the character of the flower
girl in this scene?
A)bold and fearless
B)nonchalant but anxious
C)terrified and insecure
D)spirited but frightened
Q10) Define the term Stage Directions.
Q9) She is D - spirited
but frightened. She is
bold, but she also is
seen "running away in
terror." The stage
directions describe her
as "half rebellious,
half bewildered."
Q10) Stage Directions
 This is information
written in the script of
a play to tell actors
where to go or how to
speak their lines.
HSAP Questions of the Day
Excerpt from: No Fear
1 Austin reached
Tracy Wilson
into his backpack to make sure that it was there. He wasn’t sure he
needed his inhaler, but he was checking just in case. His chest was tight as he once
again attempted a deep breath. He completely filled his lungs and exhaled smoothly.
He repeated this rhythm several times, surprised at the ease at which it came. But
he’d keep the inhaler in his pocket. It had been a long time since he’d had a real
asthma attack, since Little League, in fact. But it was never too far from his mind,
especially when he played baseball.
Q11) The fact that Austin's breath comes easily in paragraph 1, we can conclude
that his character is
Q12) True or False, Austin has asthma attacks often.
Q11) Worried is the
best answer, since
Austin's fears and the
tightness in his chest
seem to be signs of
concern or worry that
he will need his
Q12) False
HSAP Questions of the Day
Excerpt from: The Story of Cam and Tam
Kyle Ellington
upon a time, a widowed man lived in a small kingdom and cared for his kind daughter, Tam, by
himself. Eventually, the man remarried, but his new wife was cruel to Tam. Tam’s life worsened when a baby gir
Cam, was born. Tam’s father and stepmother showered Cam with everything she desired, leaving Tam to live a
desolate, lonely life. She cleaned the house, cooked the food, hauled the trash, and collected the water.
2One day, Tam’s stepmother sent her and Cam to collect fish. Though they were half sisters, Tam and
Cam had contrasting personalities. Tam fished continuously until her basket overflowed with fish, while Cam
lazily lounged in the sun. Upon realizing that she had no fish to take home, Cam decided to steal Tam’s fish.
When Tam wasn’t looking, Cam poured Tam’s fish into her own basket, snickered, and fled home.
3Tam wept when she saw the empty basket because she knew that punishment awaited her .
Q13) How does Tam MOST LIKELY feel when Cam runs away with her fish?
Q14) Which character was a good worker?
D) loyal
Q15) Who was cruel to Tam?
Q13) A: Tam most likely
felt betrayed when her
younger sister stole her
fish. Ever since Tam was
a young girl, her
stepmother has been
cruel to her and nice to
Cam. Tam was lonely
and probably would
have liked to have been
friends with her sister.
Q14) Tam
Q15) Stepmother
Unit 4:Asia
January and February
Lab F236
Formal Summary
HW 4.1 due
HSAP 4.1 Due
Lab F236
Last Days of Winter Holiday
Quarter 2 Ends
Martin Luther
King Holiday
HW 4.2 due
Lab F236
PPT - Asia
HW4.3 due
HSAP 4.2 Due
Lab F236
Constructed Response
HW 4.4
Lab F236
Extended Response
HW 4.5due
HSAP 4.3 Due
Lab F236
Portfolio Unit 4 Due
In Class Reading – So This Must be Paradise Hyok Kang
At Home –Text Book Assignments (Required) - Novel from the Unit 4 Selection List (Extra Credit)
4.1– Short Story
Amy Tan Two Kinds Page 90
4.2- Essay/Memoir
Chang-Rae Lee We are Family Page 612
4.3– Essay
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston Farewell to Manzanar Page 288
4.4- Poetry – Choose ONE Poet
Basho Three Haiku Page 518
Lady Ise Two Tanka Page523
Chitra Divakaruni Woman With Kite Page 527
Naomi Shihab Nye Arabic Coffee Page 609
4.5– Epic
From the Journey of Gilgamesh Page 896
Homework 4.1
Biography and Preview:
Read the Bio on page 88– List 3 Facts
Read the Preview on Page 89 - List 3 facts
88 -100
Vocabulary :
Copy and define the vocabulary and the literary element on page 89:
Amy Tan
1. Prodigy
2. Reproach
3. Reverie
4. Discordant
5. Fiasco
6. Motivation
Read Carefully : … Two Kinds by Amy Tan Pages90-100
Characters and Setting : List and describe the characters and the setting
Constructed Response : In a constructed paragraph, write about one of the characters.
(At least 7 sentences)
Homework 4.2
Biography and Preview:
612 - 616
Read pages 612 – 616– List 3 Facts about the writer
ReRead pages 612 – 616 - List 3 facts about the subject of this article
Vocabulary :
Copy and define the vocabulary word below. List all definitions of the
word and underline how it is used in this article.
Chang-Rae Lee
1. Culture
Read Carefully : … We Are Family by Chang-Rae Lee Pages612- 616
Characters and Setting : List and describe the characters and the setting
Constructed Response : In a constructed paragraph, write about Lee.
(At least 7 sentences)
Homework 4.3
Biography and Preview:
Read the Bio on page 286– List 3 Facts
Read the Preview on Page 287 - List 3 facts
288 -300
Vocabulary :
Copy and define the vocabulary and the literary element on page 287:
Jeanne Wakatsuki
1. Patriarch
and James D. Houston
2. Designation
3. Alleviate
4. Subordinate
5. Historical Narrative
6. Summarize
Read Carefully : Farewell to Manzanar Jeanne Wakatsuki and James D. Houston Page 288 - 300
Characters and Setting : List and describe the characters and the setting
Constructed Response : In a constructed paragraph, write about Manzanar.
(At least 7 sentences)
Homework 4.4
Choose One Poet
Biography and Preview:
Read the Bio on page ______– List 3 Facts
Read the Preview on Page________- List 3 facts
Vocabulary :
Copy and define the vocabulary and the literary element on page
1. ….
______Read Carefully :Poems ______________ by________Pages _______
Summary: Summarize the poem
Constructed Response : In a constructed paragraph, write about how a literary element is used in the poem.
(At least 7 sentences)
Homework 4.5
Legends and Myths:
Read Pages 893 – 895 – List 6 facts
Read Page 898 and do activity
893 -898
Vocabulary :
Copy and define the vocabulary and the literary element on page 898:
1. Legends
2. Legendary Heroes
3. Myths
4. Folklore
5. Folktales
6. Oral Tradition
Read Carefully : … Gilgamesh Pages 893 -898
Characters and Setting : List and describe the characters and the setting
Constructed Response : In a constructed paragraph, describe how this passage is an
example of an epic.
(At least 7 sentences)
Be sure to cite examples from the text.
Unit 4- Vocabulary and Literary Elements
Study for Quizzes and Tests
Historical Narrative
Legendary Heroes
Oral Tradition

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