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SmallBizOps Day
Thursday, August 23, 2012
Elizabeth Gonzales, Small Business Advocate
Small Business Utilization Department (10222)
Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed
Martin Corporation, for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.
Sandia Forecasted Opportunities
FY 12-13
Procurement Title
Competition Type
Estimated Value of Contract
Award Date
Security Escorts
Small Business Set
~ $16 Million (over 5 years)
4th Quarter 2012
Architecture &
Engineering Services
$70 Million (over 7 years)
1st Quarter 2013
Facilities Express (Time &
Material Contracts)
Small Business SetAside
$150 Million (over 7 years)
2nd Quarter 2013
Construction Partnership
Small Business SetAside
$160 Million (over 7 years)
Current Options
expire 2014 with
one 2 year option
Sandia Current Opportunities / Working With Sandia / Procurement / Opportunities
Business Opportunities Website
An easy-to-use Internet application
Accessible 24/7
Opportunities list potential contracting opportunities for products and services
Direct link to Buyer
As early in the procurement process as possible
Opportunities are listed in accordance with the North American Industry
Classification Codes (NAICS)
Enables firms to identify contracting opportunities to supply their products &
services to SNL
Buyers are required to post opportunities to the SNL Business Opportunities Website
Sole-Source Contracting Opportunities
Competitive requirement of > $100K or,
Sole-Source requirement of > $500K
Internal posting only
SBUD has access to and may suggest additional suppliers
Buyers are highly encouraged to use this website for procurements
outside the threshold
If they want to find additional viable sources or,
If they want to break a sole-source
Small Business Utilization Department
Organization – 10222
To be “The Best at Small Business Utilization”
To contribute to Sandia National Laboratories’ mission success
through Small Business Utilization
Small Business Advocates
• Seek-out & Identify Capable, Qualified Suppliers
• Provide Sources for Set-asides and Competitive Contracts
• Outreach Activities
– Local, State & National Conferences
– Participation in numerous Business Development Organizations and
Business Trade Associations
• Supplier Diversity Guidance on Contract, Policy & Procedural
• In-Reach Activities
– Procurement Organizations
– Line Organizations
• Review, Approve and Monitor Subcontracting Plans
• Awareness of Corporate Socioeconomic Goals
• Recognition & Reward for Utilization of Small Businesses
Supplier Lobby
• Provide Suppliers, Buyers and End Users easy and convenient
access to discuss: capabilities, products & services, mission
requirements, statements of work and program schedules
• Conduct planning meetings between Sandia Team Members and
Business Development Organizations & Business Trade
SBUD Contacts
Don Devoti, Manager
Small Business Program Manager
[email protected]
Jim Green
[email protected]
Small Business Advocate
Weapons Engineering / Product Realization & Infrastructure Procurement
Elizabeth Gonzales
[email protected]
Alaska Native Corporations & Indian Tribes Advocate
Science & Technology / Research Foundation, Computing / Network Services Information, Systems Development / CIO
Toni Leon Kovarik
[email protected]
Veteran & Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Advocate
Infrastructure Operations & Protection Procurement
JIT / Rapid Procurement
Marie Myszkier
[email protected]
8(a), Small Disadvantaged and HUB Zone Small Business Advocate
Energy, Security and International Procurement
SNL California Procurement
Ann Riley
[email protected]
Woman Owned Small Business Advocate
National Security Programs and Pulsed Power Sciences Procurement

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