Cry, Beloved Country

By: Rodniqua Minor
Sophomore Honors English
This was mentioned earlier in the book about Gertrude’s “bad”
laughter with the men, but now it is with Gertrude and
Absalom’s girlfriend. (p.119)
Earlier in the book John Kumalo describes “chiefs” as ignorant.
In this chapter Mr. Carmichael is referred to as a “chief” by
•Glad vs. Dull
1.Gertrude vs. Absalom’s girlfriend:
Gertrude finds Mrs. Lithebe’s home very dull vs.
Absalom’s girlfriend who is very glad to be staying
there.(pg. 119)
2.Kumalo vs. Kumalo
Kumalo is excited when Mrs. Lithebe allows Absalom’s
girlfriend to live in her house, but he gets sad when he
realizes he has to wait to buy his wife’s stove and his new
black clothes. (pg.119)
•Laughter vs. Laughter (good and bad kinds of laughter)
•Acceptance vs. Non- Acceptance
Absalom’s girlfriend accepts living in Mrs. Lithebe’s
home while Gertrude does not.
“The girl is not like Gertrude. She is openly glad to be
in this house. She opens the door and looks into the
rooms, and she is glad, not having lived before in such a
house.” (pg.119)
•Gertrude vs. Absalom’s girlfriend
Gertrude is cynical and Absalom’s girlfriend is optimistic.
Pg 123: Mr. Carmichael says, “I shall take it pro
deo, as we say.”
It was also mentioned again on page 125 when
Kumalo did not know what “Pro deo” meant.
“Ah yes, you have not heard of that before. It is
Latin, and it means for God.”(pg.125)
•Crime and Punishment (Absalom)
•Separation and Reconciliation between father and
sons (Kumalo and Absalom at the prison)
•Christian love as a response to injustice
“Did you not hear him say he would take the case pro
deo? Ah yes, you have not heard of that before. It is
Latin, and it means for God. So I will cost you nothing,
or at least very little.” (pg.125)
•Why is it that Gertrude talks to easily to strangers,
especially men? Why doesn’t Mrs. Lithebe like that?
•Why does Mrs. Lithebe only call Absalom’s girlfriend
to the kitchen to talk about the “bad” laughter and not
Gertrude as well?
•What is the difference between the two
girls’(Absalom’s girlfriend and Gertrude) attitudes?
Why are they so different?
•Why does Kumalo refer to Mr. Carmichael as a “chief”?
“He looked like a man used to great matters, much
greater than the case of a black boy who has killed a
man, and he went gravely into the room, even as a chief
would go.”(pg.123)
•Why do you think Mr. Carmichael wants to ask for a
judge and his assessors rather than a jury? Why will it
“depend entirely on the judge and his assessors”?
“It will depend entirely on the judge and his assessors,
for I think we will ask for that, and not a jury.” (pg.123)

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