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Abington Heights High School
The College Application
Guidance Counselors
Mrs. McCreary
 Mr. McHale
 Mrs. Klingman
 Mr. Smith
 Mrs. Spangenberg
 Ms. Corwin
G – Mc
Me – S
Career Tech
To review the senior year timeline and to
give parents information on the college
application process.
Reviewed Topics – College Seminar Night
Self-Evaluation/Profile/Major of Interest
Senior Schedule – challenging/competitive
Standardized Tests (SAT’s, ACT’s)
College Search
College Admissions
Focus – The College Application Process
Application Timeline
Application Process & Procedures
Student/Parent Responsibilities
Senior Year
Individual and small group meetings.
College representatives visiting AH.
Common Application workshops. website – bulletins, sample
resumes, testing information, transcript
release form etc.
What Colleges Consider:
The first part of planning for college is understanding what factors
colleges consider when looking at a student profile.
Primary Factors:
- Quality/Rigor of Academic Courses
- Academic Performance/Grades
- Test Scores (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, AP etc.)
Additional Factors:
Extracurricular Activities/Special Talents
Letters of Recommendation
Demonstrated Interest
“Best Fit”
Trophy School – Get into best school, based on
reputation, World News & Report Rankings
Best Fit – Know will be comfortable & happy
Student Responsibilities
Share information with parents – senior
Register for SAT’s, ACT’s, Subject tests
Complete College Applications
Write and type essay
Communicate with admissions staff
Stay organized
Know all Deadline dates !
What is your Game Plan?
Narrow your list of colleges.
Complete campus tours.
Update your resume.
Request letters of recommendation.
Start college applications now, especially
public or state institutions.
How many schools should I apply to ?
Most students apply to 6-8 colleges.
Reach, Target , Safety or Back-up
“Research the profiles of colleges of interest.”
Make sure your list is spread out to have
schools in appropriate categories (3-4 in
each category).
Types of Admission
Early Action (Nov 1, Nov 15 deadline)
Early Decision ( I and II )
Majors and Deadlines – ex: Physical Therapy, Nursing
(No two schools operate the same way. Make sure to discuss
questions with admissions and financial aid officers. This is
especially important for early decision candidates. )
A Look at the College Application
Neatness, Accuracy, Deadlines
Application Length varies
Application Fee
Activities Resume
Essays/Writing Sample
Teacher Recommendations/Forms
Secondary School Report/Counselor
High School Transcript/School
Supplemental Forms
Application Process
Ways to apply for admission:
1. Paper application
2. Electronic or on-line application (98%)
STEP 1: Complete Application
The student/parent are responsible for completing and
submitting the application.
Know what materials are needed !!!
(teacher recommendation/forms – how many, counselor
recommendation/forms, common application supplement form,
essays, fees etc.)
Application Process
Paper Application: Complete application and bring to the
guidance office with fee and essays.
On- Line Application: Make sure to send the completed
application electronically. Send application fee as requested.
Make sure to submit a student activities resume with each
application or along with the transcript request form.
Fill out the Blue AH Transcript Request Form, with student and
parent signatures and return to the guidance office. Indicate if you
are excluding or including test scores.
Make sure to indicate what recommendations need to be sent along
with the transcript and/or paper application.
Application Process
Indicate any deadline dates on the TRF: Early decision,
early action, academic major deadlines.
Official High School Transcript is up-dated and printed.
Counselor reviews TRF, completes appropriate forms,
adding teacher recommendations (off line) as requested.
Counselor mails requested information on TRF.
Teacher Recommendation Process
Student asks teacher for recommendation in
the fall of senior year. Allow 2 weeks for the
teacher to complete and/or send to the
guidance office.
Student gives the teacher an envelope with a
list of activities/resume and appropriate
teacher recommendation forms, if applicable.
Guidance counselor receives recommendation
from the teacher and keeps in the students
college file.
Guidance Counselor tracks when the TRF is
received and when information is sent through
the guidance office.
The Common Application
2011 - 463 member institutions !
1/3 of the colleges are exclusive users.
Saves time and duplication of information.
Workshops offered during the school day !
Common Application Process
1. Student sets-up account on-line.
2. Read & Follow Directions.
3. Complete entire application !
(make sure to submit all forms)
* You will need to know recommending
teachers and counselor e-mail addresses,
as well as counselor phone number and
school address.
Common App (Con’t)
AH Counselors will be accepting student invites and
completing/submitting all necessary forms on-line.
Teachers will have a choice to Accept or Decline
student invite.
If Invite accepted, the teacher will complete/submit
recommendation on-line.
If Declined, the student will print out the teacher
recommendation form, place in envelope and give to
the teacher. The teacher will complete the paper form
and return to guidance counselor.
Common Application (Con’t)
Make sure your counselor has a copy of your
student resume and a completed senior
background sheet.
It is essential for the counselor to have this
information to write a comprehensive
The student is responsible for requesting
and tracking recommendations.
Know How to Get Information
AH Senior Bulletins -
College Web-sites -
College Handbooks -
Guidance Department -
Local College Fairs -
College Representatives
college and financial aid timelines,
application process and procedures
Undergraduate admission application
virtual tours, academic programs
Majors, scholarships, costs and
financial aid
Applications, catalogues,
college and occupational
Marywood University September 19th
– visit in the fall
Important Web-sites
Access to all senior bulletins:
- go to Our Schools – Academic departments –
Guidance Page – Click on Seniors – (Virtual college tours) – SAT registration, college search,
EFC calculator – Act registration - college search - college cost, EFC calculators
Additional Web-sites
 – over 400 schools
are members
PA State System of Higher Education Website
Thank you for attending
tonight’s program!

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