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Matthew Pierce EMT-B, BS
Tracey Cooper MSN RN
Tanya Ward MSN RN
 3 SimMan 3G / 1 SimMan
Gaumard 5 Year Old
Laerdal AVS
HeartCode ACLS / BLS
6 Virtual IVs
 Security
 Remove all login
 Disabled User Account
 Wireless networks are
isolated from the internet
 Antivirus
 None
 Updates
 No Windows updates
 SimMan 3G Updates
 Firewall
 Disabled
 Add instructor application
to the start menu programs
startup folder.
 Do the same for patient
monitor application, AVS
server, and AVS client on
their respective PCs
 Now every time each PC is
turned on, the appropriate
application will open
 From the settings menu
of the Laerdal Video
Server, select Video
 Check Start Video
Streaming on application
 Now the Video Server pc
will only need to be
turned on or off
 Remove keyboard to
reduce control room
 Add shortcut to on
screen keyboard to
 On screen keyboard is a
handicap accessibility
tool built into Windows
C:\Program Files\LaerdalMedical\SimMan3G\ri\userdata_common\vocal_sounds
 Located between Ctrl and Alt
 Start Menu shortcut
 Allows for use of the PC to
change settings or access files
without closing the Instructor
Application or Patient
Monitor Application
 Troubleshooting
 Right clicking on the task bar
provides access to task
manager and gives the option
to show the desktop
 Shortcut:
+ D
Router: Linksys (Cisco)
 Mounted in ceiling above
SimMan 3G’s head
 AVS Server, AVS Client,
Instructor PC are
hardwired to the router
 SimMan 3G and Patient
Monitor utilize wireless
 Reboot all components
 If the problem is with
sound or connectivity
 Check wireless setup
 If the problem is with the
manikin’s functionality
 Force a manikin update
 Last Resort
 Call Laerdal Technical
 Testing scenarios
 Teach ECG Rhythms
 In classroom using
Instructor PC
 Initiate AVS Recording
for skills video
 AVS System
 Laerdal AVS
 Camtasia Studio
 http://www.techsmith.c
 Windows Movie Maker
 Included in Microsoft
 Didactic portion offered
 Students must complete
skills portion on site
 Orient students to manikin
 Students and faculty received
iPods and licenses to:
 Nursing Central
 Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
 Students used iPods during
clinical rotations
 Podcasting
 Strong Proficiency
 Microsoft Windows
 XP, Vista, 7
 PC hardware
 Troubleshooting
 Communication
 Basic understanding
 Computer networking and
networking infrastructure
 Helpful
 AV background
 Medical background
 Acting ability
 Full Time
 Competitive wages
 Matthew Pierce EMT-B, BS
 Simulation Technician
 [email protected]
 Tanya Ward MSN, RN
 Simulation Nurse
 [email protected]
 Tracey Cooper MSN, RN
 Clinical Coordinator
 [email protected]

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