I can’t get my image to display through the
1. Make sure the correct source is selected.
2. Check to see all connections are secure.
3. If problem still persists, reboot Crestron and
start over.
There is no sound coming from the PC or
1. Make sure the system is not on MUTE.
2. Make sure connections are secure.
3. Reboot Crestron and start over.
I can’t log into the PC.
1. Make sure user is using the correct credentials.
2. Check to see if Ethernet is secure in back of
3. Hard shutdown the PC (Hold power button for 10
seconds) and restart
The screen won’t lower.
1. Turn system off and turn back on.
2. Is screen manual or controlled by a switch on the
3. Reboot Crestron.
The mouse or keyboard is unresponsive.
1. Make sure connection is secure in back of
2. Replace mouse or keyboard.
Touch panel is not responding.
1. Is it plugged in?
2. Reboot Crestron.
Document Camera is broken.
1. Make sure Document Camera is powered up
and selected on Touch Panel.
2. Make sure connections are secure.
Tape stuck in VHS.
1. Try pulling power from VHS/DVD and plug back
in, try to eject.
2. Replace unit and bring back to the shop for
Laptop is not displaying.
1. Make sure the correct source is selected.
2. Check to see if VGA is secure into the
3. Fn+F8 or +P
Only one projector displaying in dual-display
1. Make sure ‘Dual Display’ was originally selected on
touch panel.
2. Reboot Crestron.
I can’t see anything on the monitor.
1. Check to see if PC is powered on.
2. Make sure Monitor is powered on and correct monitor
source is selected.
3. Check connections.
Check Power’ is showing on the touch panel.
1. Make sure source selected is powered up.
‘There are no controls for this device’ shows on touch
1. There are no controls on the touch panel for device
selected, e.g. there is no PC controls on the touch

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