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Forest Carbon Partnership Facility
2a. Introduction of
ad hoc Technical Advisory Panels
for PC13 R-PPs
Thirteenth Meeting of the Participants Committee (PC13)
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
October 21-22, 2012
Overview of six R-PP submissions to FCPF
• Reviewed six countries –
– 3 from Latin America, 1 from West Africa and 2 from South East Asia
• Wide range of
– Country populations – 0.20 million in Vanuatu to 20 million in
– Rural areas – 13% in Chile to 87% in Papua New Guinea (PNG)
Overview of six R-PP submissions to FCPF
Forest cover %
Deforestation %
El Salvador
Forest areas – 22% in Chile to 63% in PNG
Annual deforestation varies from virtually none in Chile, Vanuatu and Cameroon to
between 1 and 4% in El Salvador, PNG and Honduras
Review Process
• Continuing the established procedure:
1) Countries submit R-PP to FCPF/FMT
2) TAP country review teams are established
5 to 8 individual experts nominated & included on FCPF Roster of Experts. Crossdisciplinary & regional expertise: forest policy, MRV
2-3 in-country experts, including indigenous peoples expert
3) Groups of PC members are also organized
TAP and PC Review Methods
 TAP Review:
 Individual reviews, using standard review template and
guidelines for both TAP and PC reviewers.
 Conference calls among TAP members
 Lead reviewers are nominated
 Lead reviewers produce single synthesis reviews, which
are shared with the countries.
 TAP conference call with country on TAP draft review
 Country revises R-PP, showing changes made
 Final TAP country review synthesis, and final R-PPs posted
on FCPF web
TAP process remains labor-intensive,
but valuable
For PC 13
• 6 country R-PPs reviewed
• 5 to 8 TAP reviews per country = 36 reviews:
• 20 from REDD country experts
• FMT hired about 30 TAP experts in July-August for PC 13 and PC14
• TAP held about 12 conference calls
Charge to the TAP Members
• Be objective, consistent and fair.
• Provide constructive recommendations for enhancement of R-PPs by the
country, and expert advice on REDD.
• Serve in individual capacity, not representing an organization.
• Our thanks to the TAP members.
TAP review leaders at this meeting
• Stephen Cobb (co-lead, Cameroon, PNG, Vanuatu R-PPs)
– Conservation and development consultant (UK)
• Jayant Sathaye (co-lead, PNG and Vanuatu R-PPs)
– Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US and India)
• Ken Creighton (co-lead, Cameroon R-PP)
– USAID Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE)
• Gisela Ulloa (co-lead, El Salvador, Chile and Honduras RPPs)
– Independent forest policy consultant (Bolivia)
PC Review of R-PPs
FMT has revised schedule since PC10, so PC only reviews the revised R-PP
after TAP comments have been addressed.
For PC13 R-PPs, 12 PC members reviewed 5 Country R-PPs (except
Vanuatu, which is not going to be presented in PC13):
 2 to 5 reviewers per R-PP
 1 to 3 R-PPs per member
Many thanks to PC reviewers and lead reviewers: CAR, Colombia
(Lead), Indonesia, RoC (Lead), AFD, Australia, Canada, EU,
Germany (Lead), Japan (Lead), Switzerland, and USA (Lead)
Schedule for R-PP Submission (tentative)
R-PP Draft Received by FMT
Revised R-PP, and
Final TAP Reviews
on Website
August 6, 2012 (New submission)
October 5, 2012
August 25, 2012 (Resubmission)
December 19, 2012 (New submission) Late February
January 10, 2013 (Resubmission)
PC Meeting:
Tentative Dates
October 21-23, 2012
PC 13, Brazzaville,
Republic of Congo
March18 – 22??, 2013
• FMT Strongly urges countries yet to submit R-PPs to use R-PP
Template version 6 (April 20, 2012). The Template and Annexes
in English, French and Spanish are available on FCPF website.
Thank you

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