Dynamic Modelling Requirements for Users

Dynamic Modelling
Requirements for Users
David Cashman
Grid Code Review Panel
20th February 2013
• Current Grid Code specifications for Dynamic
models are outdated and unbalanced:
– Different standards for Conventional Generators, WFPS, Interconnectors
• Increase in range of studies performed and
software utilised by TSO:
– PSS/e, DIgSILENT PowerFactory, DSA Tools
• Variation in technologies included in model:
– Conventional: Governors, Exciters, PSS, OEL and UEL protection
– WFPS: Full Converter, DFIG, Control Systems
– HVDC: LCC, VSC, Control systems
Approach Taken
• Standardise requirements of models for all Users of
the system irrespective of technology type
• Planning Code Appendix updated to cover data and
modelling specifications for all users
• Define a standard Confidentiality Arrangement
between the TSO and the Users
• Bring requirements closer to SONIs Wind Farm
Setting Schedule
Overview of Documents
Modelling Requirements for Users GC Modification
• Updated sections PC.A4-6 for data specifications for
Generators, WFPS, Interconnectors
• Text drafted to be inserted in the Grid Code as PC.A8 to
define improved modelling requirements for all Users
Dynamic Models Specification for Users
• Supplementary document to be placed on TSO website.
• Text outlines usability guidelines and software versions.
EirGrid Confidentiality Agreement
• Confidentiality Agreement the TSO will enter with the
User if models are commercially sensitive
Main Updates to Data Specifications
• PC.A4: for Generators mostly remains unchanged – one new
section on Mechanical data – where appropriate and justified
• PC.A5: New section for Controllable WFPS
– Based on existing requirements in PC.A4.10
– Parameters of WTGs and Controllable WFPS required including electrical,
aerodynamic, control and protection systems required
– Harmonic and Short-Circuit Contribution of Controllable WFPS at Connection
• PC.A6: for Interconnectors some changes to data requirements
• PC.A7: for Demand Side Units unchanged
• PC.A8: Dynamic Model Requirements for Users
Main Updates to Model Requirements
• Users shall provide models for RMS and where required
EMT simulation
• Software packages required are defined:
– Siemens PSS/e, DIgSILENT PowerFactory, DSA Tools TSAT
• Source Code of models to be provided
• Black box models are unacceptable
• Sample cases of model to be provided demonstrating
the correct functionality of the model
Confidentiality Agreement
• The requirement is on the User to provide a model suitable for
representing its plant
• The TSO will enter a standardised NDA with Users where
models are commercially sensitive
• TSO required to share models with other TSOs, DSOs and
third parties to perform duties
• The TSO will agree to directly interact with the OEM in
relation to models provided the OEM enters NDA
• Ad-hoc NDAs with OEMs for specific plants will not be

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